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    Steel strings on a tenor as a cavaquinho substitute?

    This is what I was thinking. I think that the bridge would pull off long before the neck. Anyway, bottom line, ukuleles are not made for steel strings.
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    Which is your size?

    I was standing in the music store looking at ukuleles and having never played one before I thought okay, there's big ones, little ones, and the one in between. Then there is the great big guitar looking ones that just don't seem to fit. I think I'll just use the Goldilocks method of decision...
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    Learning uke and guitar simultaneously?

    One of the hardest things for a teacher is trying to figure out what the student wants to do if they can't articulate that. Without a direction they have to shotgun it and hope that something piques your interest. The sooner you can give him or her an idea of what you want to do the better...
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    Is Loud Better ?

    Loud can be confusing because it isn't just decibels. I've done some experiments. A spruce top guitar and a mahogany top guitar might put out the same decibels individually measured at fifteen feet, but if you put them in a bluegrass band with a fiddle, a banjo, and a mandolin, the spruce will...
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    Guitar to Uke; transposing chords; venting

    I treat the guitar and the ukulele as two completely different instruments and I think of them that way. As soon as I try to translate one into the other I'm lost. It just destroys the continuity. My head has to be into the one I'm playing. Like speaking two languages.
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    Learning uke and guitar simultaneously?

    I learned to play guitar before I took up the ukulele. I found that playing the uke put my guitar playing on the back burner. A few years ago I started playing the guitar again and the uke went on the back burner. I just don't have the time or inclination to do both. But in the case of the OP I...
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    Ukulele Evangelist?

    Under what circumstances do people ask? How does it come up in conversation. Just curious. I used to live in San Juan, Puerto Rico and I busked several times a week out on a wall a few blocks from my home. See my avatar. Once in a while someone, usually a tourist, would come up, drop a tip in...
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    Ukulele Evangelist?

    That doesn't surprise me. Spanish is much the same. I speak Spanish. I would describe it as Puebla, Mexico Spanish. I lived in Puerto Rico for ten years. It was the same language but that was about it.
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    Ukulele Evangelist?

    That pretty much sums it up for me too. Between guitars and ukuleles I only know a half dozen people who even want to talk about them, and they are the evangelists. I went to coffee last week with a fellow guitar player and we didn't talk at all about guitars We talked about guns and fast cars...
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    Ukulele Evangelist?

    Are you a Ukulele evangelist? Do you talk to everyone who will listen about the benefits of playing ukulele and how the world would be a better place if everyone played ukulele? Do you want to convert the masses? Do you invite everyone, even if they don't play ukulele to your group...
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    Very useful interactive fretboard

    Thanks for posting the link, a nice resource.
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    A New Poll!! Did you play/practice a string instrument for at least a year before starting ukulele?

    I bought a guitar in Spain when I was in the Navy back in the early seventies and learned to play it a little. I played for maybe three years steady. After I got out of the Navy I played guitar off and on for a few years then sold my guitar to pay rent when I was going to college. Maybe thirty...
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    [POLL] What size ukulele do you prefer?

    Concert, not as the result of any deep pondering on the subject but simply I have two concert ukuleles and no soprano or tenor ukuleles so I guess that is what I prefer. I tried real hard to like baritone ukulele but just couldn't.
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    Hygrometer (humidity) Discrepancies

    I have a bar in my basement, a Roadhouse type bar replete with liquor and a dance floor. In one corner is a little stage and that is where my ukuleles and guitars reside. They are just out, leaning up against the wall and on stands. I have a room humidifier and I have solved this problem by...
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    Guitar Downs & Ups

    I will have to admit that switching from ukulele to guitar three years ago hasn't been as seamless as I had thought it would be and I have a long way yet to go. That said, at this point I can do way more on a guitar than I ever could on a ukulele. There is just so much more to it. It takes a...
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    Guitar Downs & Ups

    Well as you know, I'm not the authority on guitar playing and only comment from my own guitar journey that I am on. When I played ukulele I simply strum across all four strings. I soon learned with guitars that often times you don't use all six of them. You have to learn to pick those strings...
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    Baritone Ukulele?

    My three year old grandson has reached a point where he differentiates between ukuleles and guitars. According to him the baritone is in the guitar category and has taken to correcting me if I refer to it as a ukulele. So as far as I'm concerned that is the final word on it. I'm certainly not...
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    Singing Sessions

    When I play the ukulele and sing I just play whatever key the song happens to show up in, usually C or G. But with the uke I just strum the chords. With guitar I do a bunch of fancy runs and riffs so I often capo the guitar to facilitate them. I have noticed that often I'm playing songs that I...
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    Total Immersion Hobbies before Discovering Ukulele

    I would have to say hunting, fishing, and camping. I grew up doing all three and pretty much most of my life up until fifteen or so years ago, other than work, revolved around it. About fifteen years ago I sold my farm, which I didn't farm myself, and for some reason just gave up the "outdoors"...
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    Washburn Rover R010 Travel Guitar

    This Washburn isn't something I would even consider. When it comes to travelling with a guitar regardless, I'm taking something to play. That doesn't just mean sitting in my hotel room entertaining myself. I'm always looking for an opportunity, be it singing around the campfire, an open mic, a...