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  1. Coast_Ukulele

    Inlay Work

    i’m really enjoying my cnc for inlay work. i would like to step it up and learn some 3d skills for the cnc though. one day.
  2. Coast_Ukulele

    What's happening in your shed?

    we did end up getting a photo where we moved over a bit. if you have a free moment check out the local news article about this uke here:
  3. Coast_Ukulele

    What did you do today? Anything hobby-related.

    this week i finally learned how to play the duck song which i got to perform at my little one’s preschool. it was almost two funny as the kids were scream laughing and waddling around the classroom. also i finished up an ‘ukulele that was in collaboration with an artist friend of mine. this uke...
  4. Coast_Ukulele

    What's happening in your shed?

    here’s what it looks like when a photographer is trying to get some shots for an article in the local paper about the ‘ukulele you are donating to a school auction and your kid is also learning how to swing really high.
  5. Coast_Ukulele

    NUD: Pops KoAloha Soprano Wow!

    What a stunner!!!!
  6. Coast_Ukulele

    Indirect sunlight bad?

    The last house i lived in years ago (northern california) had a huge beautiful living room window that got the afternoon sunlight (i didn’t have any curtains or sheers). i had ukes in that room briefly hung up on a wall that never got the direct sunlight. 2 of those ukes started to show signs of...
  7. Coast_Ukulele

    Dangerous stuff making ukuleles.

    jeepers found this cut in the bag the other day! caught it early thanks to this thread.
  8. Coast_Ukulele

    What's happening in your shed?

    oh thanks! it’s all inlaid (cnc cut). i counted 179 individually inlaid sections. each. Ive made 2 so far and i think i’ll make a few more but with a natural wood tone palette. these rainbow ones are all inlaid with mostly dyed stabilized woods. here is an earlier shot of the 2.
  9. Coast_Ukulele

    Nuts/saddles: bone vs synthetic vs wood

    i like to get the classical guitar sized bone blanks. i can get a nut and saddle out of one of those. i’ve also tried micarta a bunch and like it. but been trying to find ways to reduce how much plastic particles i use so sticking with bone for now. i should try wood one day! sounds fun.
  10. Coast_Ukulele

    What's happening in your shed?

    starting to take shape.
  11. Coast_Ukulele

    What's happening in your shed?

    the Coast Family decided to switch gears and just make fully inlayed wood kids neckties over here.
  12. Coast_Ukulele

    What's happening in your shed?

    a couple of custom fingerboards for an ‘ukulele being donated to a school auction.
  13. Coast_Ukulele

    Dangerous stuff making ukuleles.

    oh wow scary stuff. thank you for sharing and wishing you well.
  14. Coast_Ukulele

    Headstock shapes

    i like the look of no.1
  15. Coast_Ukulele

    Does size matter?

    +1 to the case advice. if you are hoping for a hard case you could run into issues with the instrument fitting safely in the case. not as big of an issue for a gigbag.
  16. Coast_Ukulele

    What is your ukulele "batting average"?

    Hmm. I’ve bought 6 and won 1. Gave away 1 and sold 1. so that gets me to 4.5/7 (a makala uke got a little busted by the kids and i need to glue it back together. ha). I’ve made about 50, but only have the first one, the rest have flown the coop. 49/50 distributed!
  17. Coast_Ukulele

    Tips on kits for know-nothings

    i like the kits. i haven’t tried the stewmac one but it looks great and they often have sales on them. I have tried a few kits over at and had fun learning with them. they definitely have more of a unique shape to their body if that is interesting to you. it was easy to...
  18. Coast_Ukulele

    Dead Spots

    my goodness, add this to the never ending luthier list of things i’m going to lose sleep over!