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  1. Guting

    WTB: Tenor Eleuke

    Haven't been here in forever. I am looking for a tenor eleuke in the $120-160 range. I was asked to play for a grad party but the two ukes I have won't get the job done. I know how good they sound (I used to have one) and I can benefit from its silent nature when needed. Any...
  2. Guting

    Oahu Session

    All day everyday. But I got a message from Raymond Aikahi youtube username KALABLIND and hes coming down for a trip to the island from the 28th of this month to the 2nd of August. I figured we should get something going for braddah man and UU 808. So whats da scoops?
  3. Guting

    $25 dollar Prelude Baritone in Action

    I bought a rogue bari back in 2006 @ musiciansfriend on sale for $19.99, thought it was pretty good, sounds exactly the same in person...... Just picked up this Prelude Bari and it smokes the Rogue, I'm more than satisfied...
  4. Guting

    Waiting in Vain

    this instrumental came a long way
  5. Guting

    Random Volume 6

    Supposed to be 7 but the old 6 got downgraded to the video titled "eleuke".
  6. Guting

    Jams with "Pau Hana", "Mango Kingz" & Fellow UU members

    Was a busy weekend, got to drink and jam with some great island reggae bands - Playing with the founding member of Pau Hana & tintindiego, I was using his 6 string old school Kamaka. Then with some of the Mango Kingz up in the VIP before their...
  7. Guting

    some new old jams

    hitting up some of the other bay area players mini random 2 super mario is there a place
  8. Guting

    Waiting In Vain Jam Session

    With fellow UU member tintindiego/chamorroboy671, just soloing out impromptu style to waiting in vain and a bunch of chords he pieced.
  9. Guting

    Domination, Relaxed Bodysurfing, Me & Shirley T snips

    2 new ones up in the g-gate park and an oldie while in AZ. - Dom ripping the current - drunk, never touched a uke in over a month till then - old one just went...
  10. Guting

    Who runs this site and what is the main purpose for it? smeen
  11. Guting

    Some recent stuffs

    . .
  12. Guting

    smeen - getting deached by a surf company

    I got a message from youtube, ----------------------------------------------- Thanks for teaching big dogg. I wanna hook you up, I rep for a local surf company Blue Hazard. If you e-mail me at I can send you pictures of our shirts. you can pick one and I'll give it to...
  13. Guting

    Ran Dumb Vol.6 (read the description bumbai you going be in for one surprise liddat) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- And I dunno how this one got bumped to the 3rd page without even a reply, I guess no one can learn from it...
  14. Guting

    my style waiting in vain tutorial

    way mo betta than the one I did before
  15. Guting

    Tenor Eleuke (AZ)

    going for free LMK, lock em
  16. Guting

    APL & Freddie

    descripts bu descripts
  17. Guting

    Bob Marley - Is this love (Guting style) for dummies

    Its all in teh descripts
  18. Guting

    Random Vol. 4

    Yeah you! I wonder how many more randoms im gonna make oh well
  19. Guting

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps

    just refreshing the old playlist which asshole gave it 1 star? haha pathetic
  20. Guting

    Arizona Green Tea

    Who stay? I know get choke locals ladat.