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  1. ElenaDuff

    Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

    Hi all. Elena here. Not been on this forum for a couple of years I'd say, although it and the Seasons were formative in my musical beginnings. I kept having issues logging in and gave up. But sorted now finally I hope, so hopefully I can do a Season or two again soon :) Also, after starting out...
  2. ElenaDuff

    Season 312 - Contrast

    Thank you so much Linda for posting on my behalf! On top of the above, I was also unable to login to the forum, until I tried just now now on a whim. My saved password was redirecting and not logging in, kept saying password was wrong, sent an email about it to admin to change password/login...
  3. ElenaDuff

    Season 312 - Contrast

    Am I late posting this? Sorry! I looked up Hawaiian time and thought I had all day today too to post...confused! Anyway... For 312th Season it’s all about CONtrast or conTRAST : ) While arranging a song I want you to figure out a way to have an obvious contrast within it. Some examples...
  4. ElenaDuff

    Uke Tips at your Fingertips Book wot I wrote ; )

    Hi all, I wrote a book hoping to fill in the gaps for beginners - I think we've all come across some things in manuals that seem very obvious to the author, but simply aren't if you're reading it as first time new player. I've attempted to address all those questions beginners might have...
  5. ElenaDuff

    Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

    Hi all, I haven't been around a lot as been rehearsing and gigging with a ukulele group among other things. I also have been writing and illustrating a book for beginners ukulele - hope I'm allowed to post the link here? (mods please remove if not!) I'm busy formatting it for a print-on-demand...
  6. ElenaDuff

    Season 265 "Golden Age of Ukulele"

    Great theme Tommy both of them! Due to my Irishness and my love of old timey stuff for the uke! Also for the week that's in it - with Paddy's Day coming up - I will continue my mission to eradicate the female name (or meat burger) from having anything to do with St. Patrick. See attached image :)
  7. ElenaDuff

    Seaso 238 : Sharknado Time!

    thanks Gina! My sharks arrived today! The basking shark (we have them off the west coast of Ireland) is currently swimming over a sea of my succulent plant collection towards a painted bunny stone. The magnet, for now, is hiding among the 'seaweed' of another succulent. Thanks again!! :D
  8. ElenaDuff

    Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

    I subscribed to this youtube channel. I truly love the (what I would describe as) post-modern animation and versions of pop songs that he does, along with some kind of story running through each one, which I can't quite figure out. But how nice of him, have a look at the image above! He put a...
  9. ElenaDuff

    Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

    Okay, youtube is officially driving me insane! I'm not ignoring anyone, but it'll only let me comment under some videos and not others. Refreshing the page and then commenting used to work...alas no longer. Going to start looking at this week's seasons videos finally and belatedly - but if...
  10. ElenaDuff

    Season 235 - The Monkees!

    "STOP html Police! Seems someone hasn't been pressin' return when they create a link. See, we were talkin' to ol' Johnny Callous Fingers over at The Four Strings Bar. He showed us something mighty interesting. A guy that looked just like you, carrying a laptop, uploadin' ukulele videos...
  11. ElenaDuff

    Venturing Beyond Video

    Hi all, new forum member here and new 'seasonista' too. I took up playing ukulele nearly exactly a year ago now. I'm just getting to the point where I feel a bit more confident in both singing and playing. I'd love to take the next step and actually play some songs in front of people, rather...
  12. ElenaDuff

    May, Uke Festival in Cobh, Cork, Ireland

    Hope I'm not double-posting this - saw the announcement on a facebook page and have searched the forums here and didn't see it already. The pretty seaside town of Cobh, in Cork in Ireland is hosting its first ukulele festival this May, with some workshops, sessions, skiffle lessons and music...
  13. ElenaDuff

    Hello from Ireland

    Hi everyone, long time lurker and reader of advice, tips and watcher of videos here. Now have finally signed up to the forum. I'm in Ireland and took up the ukulele, actually in late February of 2015, so I have no longer the excuse of being a newbie player. Can't believe I'm playing a whole...