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  1. bombbuddy

    clawhammer playing style.

    well i just found out about this style of playing this week and now all of my free time has been devoted to perfecting this style. I any you UUers have any claw hammer tabs they would be greatly appreciated!! :cool: :shaka::music::nana:
  2. bombbuddy

    Music theory books??

    I have gone through all of the UU+ music theory classes and still want to learn more!! :D so are there any good books on music theory that you all would suggest? Thanks for your help! :cool:
  3. bombbuddy

    Imagine John Lennon cover

    So I got mu ukulele back from getting a pickup installed in it and I thought I would try to make a cover. So here is my first cover :)
  4. bombbuddy

    New pick up in the mail!!

    I just ordered a L R baggs Five-0 pickup and should be getting it installed sometime next week! I'm so excited! :D
  5. bombbuddy

    melody of red??

    I have been trying to find out how to play this song for a while now and I just can seem to get it. Is there anyone out there that could direct me in some way to help?? Thanks :)
  6. bombbuddy

    To all my friends by Atmosphere

    Does anyone have tabs for this song? or can figure it out?