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  1. lakesideglenn

    For Sale / Trade Collings Tenor Ukulele with highly Figured Mahogany

    I agree, play it! And btw it’s “Bill Collings”. The story goes that if he was unhappy with a guitar or mando or uke for any reason, he wound cut it in half with a bandsaw. Now that’s quality control! Cheers!
  2. lakesideglenn

    Stopping by to say "Hi" to some old friends.

    Welcome back from another old timer who doesn’t post much anymore. All the best!
  3. lakesideglenn

    Best singer playing the uke.

    Really REALLY great stuff Yuki, outstanding vocals and playing! Cheers!
  4. lakesideglenn

    Spruce-top before/new VS after/aged?

    Maybe you could try looking for something with a Sunburst finish….
  5. lakesideglenn

    I have an old '70's Stella Harmony 12 string. I want to put new strings on it and maybe learn a few chords with the intention of selling it.

    Try light gauge 12 string set of your favorite brand can’t go wrong with DAddario phosphor bronze, and make sure you tune it down a whole step to D. Old 12 strings tend to have neck and /or bridge issues that may require major surgery by a skilled luthier. I have an old Harmony 12 string model...
  6. lakesideglenn

    Astoundingly reliable stuff

    Vintage Guild Guitars
  7. lakesideglenn

    Best singer playing the uke.

    A great performance from Cliff Edwards, Jose Oliveira, Clarence Nash. Luther 'Red' Roundtree on guitar. Cliff has always been my favorite uke player….his style was so smooth and effortless
  8. lakesideglenn

    Another interesting find Martin 2K find Made in USA stamp 1920

    What a great find…how does it play and sound?
  9. lakesideglenn

    Went to get the trash cans in the sleeting snow and there's a ukulele shaped box sitting on my porch frozen to the ground.

    You’re lucky… could have really gotten ugly! That’s one of the reasons that whenever I ship a uke or guitar I always wrap the entire case in a sealed heavy duty trash bag before packing it in the over padded shipping box.
  10. lakesideglenn

    The Balcony Rag, an original ragtime for low G ukulele

    That was great, Choan! BTW I still have my ukecasa shirt you sent me with whatever uke it was I got from you several years ago…I forget!
  11. lakesideglenn

    Here's a Guy I've been watching for Years.

    Yes he is a very talented musician and singer. I discovered him a few years ago through Jon Duncan
  12. lakesideglenn

    Why is a concert called a concert?

    Soprano and Tenor were already taken…Cheers!
  13. lakesideglenn

    Goin' Down To Bob's

    Can I come down to Bob’s I want to hang out with you guys
  14. lakesideglenn

    a fella with an umbrella IRVING BERLIN (ukulele cover)

    Love it Jon! I too never heard this one but it suits you to a T. And the look….dare I say ‘Eugenish’? Glad to see you back and making music my brother!
  15. lakesideglenn

    Soprano Bridge Clamp

    Brilliant! Just what I need to repair my Pohaku that suffered an unfortunate ‘I forgot to close the case’ injury resulting in a popped off bridge. Cheers!
  16. lakesideglenn

    Bridge positioning & Gluing?

    All of the StewMac clamps are too big for a soprano…any suggestions from you builders out there? I have a Pohaku sop that needs the bridge reglued. I’m looking to buy, not make clamps.
  17. lakesideglenn

    How does one delete their account from the foum site?

    Hang in there Jon…I’ve been through some s** myself over the past 2 1/2 years and eventually things will improve, just give it enough time.
  18. lakesideglenn

    Does anyone know what type of ukulele would be common for early blues players?

    Yank Rachel played a Harmony Batwing.
  19. lakesideglenn

    SOTU 552 -- Am, F, G (or G7), and C ONLY

    When in doubt. Always apply the Thornton rule….if you don’t know it, look it up