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  1. ukuhippo

    Bugs Gear Bugs 1 Does anyone ever played one of these Japanese cheapo's? I'm interested because of the extra frets, the starnge design and the price of course. I'm not expecting wonders, just want to open my doors for...
  2. ukuhippo

    Mellow vs. warm

    Searching this forum and other resources for my ultimate ukulele I've come across words like "mellow" and "warm". English is only my third language, so I might have misinterpreted these terms. Besides from just wanting the ultimate ukulele and not being able to purchase one due to a low...
  3. ukuhippo

    Anyone else have trouble with Dm?

    Like said above: make an F-chord and 'bend' your middlefinger back to fret the c-chord. (Pardon my bitten nails, I just got divorced ;)) Practise this for a few days, and you'll get the hang of it. On my concert and the tenor I had before this was also the only way I could make the Dm-chord.
  4. ukuhippo

    Large hands + long fingers = Soprano impossible?

    Wow, you grew fast! ;) But on-topic: My hand and my favorite size uke (soprano): 'nuff said.
  5. ukuhippo

    PSY - Gangnam Style

    Just discovered this vid on youtube, the guy posted the tabs here:
  6. ukuhippo

    FREE Aquila red low G soprano string.

    I have tried an Aquila red string on my Dolphin, and didn't like it. I played maybe an hour with it (it's actually still on it). I have some postage stamps I never use (hello mr. e-mail), and tons of envelopes. Just say the word and I'll mail it to anyone who wants to try it on his or her uke...
  7. ukuhippo

    hello i'm new and have a question !

    So they should be where the black lines are. Ils devraient être là où les lignes noires sont. Est pardoonez moi mon francais. :)
  8. ukuhippo

    Decrease tension: soprano strings on a concert uke?

    The one thing that bothers me is the higher string tension when playing a concert compared to a soprano. I really do prefer the lower tension while playing. This gave me the crazy idea of putting Aquila soprano strings on one of my concerts. I know they're long enough, but will this lower the...
  9. ukuhippo

    Makala MK-C vs. Kala KA-C

    So I almost made my mind up about my new concert. I found the right store (kudo's to Courtney and Walker: the best e-mail conversation I ever had with a vendor, very detailed answers to all my questions from Paul Walker himself). And I decided that Kala is the way to go for me, I just am...
  10. ukuhippo

    Looking for a second (and third?) position chord chart.

    As in subject. Any of those around?
  11. ukuhippo

    Looking for a little help with *cheap* concert ukes choice

    I'm back to playing just my Dolphin after I tried a tenor and a baritone. Both were too large for me, despite my larger than average hands. I sold my tenor to another UU-forum member in the UK and my baritone is wrapped and packed to be send to whoever wants to steal it. Yes steal it. Shameless...
  12. ukuhippo

    Makala MK-T for sale (In the Netherlands)

    SOLD Makala MK-T for sale (In the Netherlands) SOLD I'm selling my Makala MK-T (and my MK-B is also still for sale). This uke comes from HMS and arrived last january. It's fitted with Aquila's and is in excellent condition. Price:45 euro+shipping (It has cost me well over 100 euro with custom...
  13. ukuhippo

    Roy Smeck

    Can't get enough of him.
  14. ukuhippo

    Two "waist" curves not matched, why?

    Now tell me this is symetrical: It isn't.
  15. ukuhippo

    muting bottom strings of a guitar

    Hi all, At work we have a guitar to play along songs for the children, but my guitar skills are zero. I'm looking for a way to mute the bottom two strings (can't take them of without a big fight with my co-workers) so I can play uke songs (with a capo at the fifth fret). Muting with my hand...
  16. ukuhippo

    Can I use a wound C-string for low-G?

    Hi all, I just can't get used to the sound of my wound G and C on my tenor. I'm gonna try the new red Aquila but it's not avilable yet. Till then, I thought I might put the old non-wound C-string back on, and try the wound C-string as my low-G string. Am I gonna break the neck of my uke?
  17. ukuhippo

    chords for 'i need a dollar'

  18. ukuhippo

    Flamengo/Rumba chord progressions.

    I'm currently practising a simple (well...) flamengo/rumba strum (D-x-D-U-bodyclap-U-D-U), and am looking for some simple chord progressions to start practising this kind of style. Any hints and/or tips?
  19. ukuhippo

    FS: Makala MK-B (I'm in the Netherlands)

    I'm selling my Makala MK-B I purchased from last December. I'm just not a baritone person, I've played it for a couple of hours, but noticed I'm more and more a soprano guy, allthough my UAS keeps whispering "concert, concert, concert, concert". It's strung...
  20. ukuhippo

    Flatwound or Groundwound

    Who other than southcoast makes flatwound and/or groundwound strings?