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  1. Drew Bear

    Anyone Rocking the Waverlys?

    They are Koa. They're great and really hold tune very well, but I have little experience with other tuners. The stock Grovers on an Islander MSC-4 do not hold tune nearly as well as the Waverlys.
  2. Drew Bear

    James Hill & Anne Davison (HI*Sessions videos)

    More excellent work from HI*Sessions! The last vid below also features Aldrine! Cameo from UU's Aaron, who's usually behind the camera. Fast forward to the 2:15 mark to hear James talk about his DaSilva uke and how it takes him a...
  3. Drew Bear

    Would you pay more for a uke signed by Jake?

    Or would you consider the uke less valuable? He seems to make an effort to autograph neatly and legibly. I was considering asking him to sign the back, upper bout just below and to the right of the neck (see bad photoshop'd image below). Part of me agrees with Jake:
  4. Drew Bear

    Anyone trying the "One Uke" philosophy?

    At around the 3:00 mark on this video, Jake Shimabukuro talks about why he plays and practices with only one ukulele. Although I am a new uke player with minimal experience playing various ukes, this concept/philosophy made sense to me. Has anyone tried this? Observations & comments? I've only...
  5. Drew Bear

    Matt Dahlberg mentioned in NYT article
  6. Drew Bear

    Buying new, looking at <$300

    Bookmatched can refer to both veneer and solid wood instruments. I don't know if there's any advantage or disadvantage to NuBone, but it's what Kanile'a also uses for their $1k+ ukes. Real bone nut/saddle are inexpensive, but it takes time to make it fit your uke. Elderly Music sells both...
  7. Drew Bear

    Taylor Ukulele

    I couldn't find a clear pic of a Taylor uke bridge, but if it's just a mini version of the guitar one, the Kanile'a version is clearly different.
  8. Drew Bear

    Kanile'a K-1 Tenor Premium

    I'm finding it difficult to capture the beauty of this ukulele in photos. (Same goes for sound, but that's another story.) Here's the best I've come up with so far. The first photo shows direct morning light on the body. The others are all filtered (by tree shade) sunlight. Slight changes in...
  9. Drew Bear

    Musician gea rtenor hard case sale $29.99 shipped

    This was a good deal at $40; it's a super deal at $30. It will depend on how deep/thick your uke is, but an alternative to modifying the neck brace is to add cushioning on the bottom of the case. I have remnant pieces of memory foam from a mattress topper and will wrap the foam with old fleece...
  10. Drew Bear

    Buying My First Tenor Uke

    Hey, Sean. It was definitely a great choice for me. Here's my review. I'm still working on better photos to add to the review, but here's one from my phone: BTW, can someone please tell me how to size photos so they fit within the boundaries of the thread? Usually I can search and find an...
  11. Drew Bear

    New Banner Ad

    "Gathering data..." + browser keeps loading = worrisome. I have to manually stop the loading, which is a pain. I suggest you at least change the text of that banner. I usually leave a tab open to UU, but if I keep getting constant browser loads I'll probably stop doing that...which is also a...
  12. Drew Bear

    Koala changes tuners on tenors and super concerts...first look

    I prefer the existing color; just a shade of gray in the chrome.
  13. Drew Bear

    Knotting, rather than tying (on a tie bridge)

    I don't know if this is looks like a typical knot, but the angle change does not seem significant.
  14. Drew Bear

    All I want for christmas is a pono 8 string ukulele

    FYI only. Just saw this on my "local" craigslist: Pono PT-8 $365
  15. Drew Bear

    Kanile'a K-1 Tenor Premium

    Since this is my first ukulele, please take that into account as you read my opinions and impressions. I have no basis for comparisons; only observations. With that in mind, most of my numerical ratings will max out at 9. I'm going to assume (possibly incorrectly) that custom-made ukes in the...
  16. Drew Bear

    New Uke Day

    Congratulations! She's a beaut. I've tried all sorts of angles and lighting to capture the "3D-ness" of koa curl, but haven't got it just yet. Maybe I need one of those 3D cameras?
  17. Drew Bear

    My First New (to me) Uke Day

    ...actually the first time I've even touched a ukulele. I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'd forgotten how wonderful it is to make music like this (played some guitar decades ago). For some reason, I had expected that the strings would be easier to press than on a classical guitar. After an hour of...
  18. Drew Bear

    ID by photo: Koa or Mahogany?

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I searched and didn't find anything. Is it possible to identify wood type from a photo? I've been searching the new & used ukulele ads and sometimes wonder if the wood is what they claim. Here's one example. Which is koa and why? [I understand it's a...