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    NUD Godin Multiuke

    Thanks for the insight. On my next string change I will try it out. Is yours a spruce top model? Mine’s a cedar. I am not sure how much difference the top makes in these ukes. I haven’t seen a comparison videos on different tops for these.
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    NUD: KoAloha Soprano

    Koaloha warranty stands irregardless of how many owners. Hence the “better than the weather warranty” they coined.
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    Ethical trading (was: Selling an idea that we all should start discussing here. It’s free so all can afford it!)

    Wow. Call me naive but I never knew such things were happening as I don’t look at eBay or other sites other than reverb. But I do recall a few months ago there were quite a few B stock Ponos on reverb direct from the factory for sale. And soon after the marketplace had quite a few Ponos for...
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    It’s a very easy thing to fix. Take out the white part (saddle) and see if it’s seating in the slot properly. If it is you can sand it down to make it flat to remove the ‘slope’. Take a pencil and draw a straight line with a ruler and Go slowly. Every mm you take off will be 0.5mm at the 12th...
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    NUD Godin Multiuke

    Those are soprano size and I believe they come in nylon and steel string versions. Yes Godin really makes great stuff. I have a seagull Merlin and it is also very well made for the price.
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    NUD Godin Multiuke

    Yes Mike. We didn’t manage to deal in the end. But it’s ok. I am a believer in a ‘happy seller happy buyer’ kind of thing. Yours definitely looks prettier with the sunburst finish though! 😊. But finger prints on a high gloss dark finish makes it very hard to maintain! So I am still happy with...
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    NUD Godin Multiuke

    Thanks for the recommendation. Will def try those Thomastik strings next.
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    NUD Godin Multiuke

    Well actually it’s not entirely a NUD as these ukes have been discontinued for sometime. It’s more like a New Old Uke Day(NOUD). I have been looking for one of these for quite some months now and nearly bought one from the marketplace here a few months ago but at the last minute the seller...
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    Gigbag for thin body electric tenors?

    There are cordoba minis and cordoba mini IIs. The mini is the exact same size as a baritone. Same body just a smaller neck due to the 4 strings instead of 6. The mini IIs are 2 inches longer in scale length. Hope that clarifies. In any case I won’t recommend putting an expensive uke inside these...
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    Recommendations for baritone strings?

    Any classical guitar hard/extra hard tension strings would work on a 20 in scale for DGBE. For GCEA a light/extra light set would work too. I like la bella classical strings. Do note tension on strings vary from one manufacturer to another. So even if 2 different brands says hard tension one...
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    Gigbag for thin body electric tenors?

    That’s their baritone size gig bag. I have one of them.
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    Pono strings + pickup

    Try the ukulele site. Joel can do a set of strings for you. Or if you want living water strings just search the name and you’ll find it. From the UK
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    Pono strings + pickup

    The LR baggs pickup is a great choice. Pono ukes seem to prefer harder tension strings to bring out the best of them. I like living waters on them. They seem to match very well together to my ears.
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    Price Drop Anuenue Moonbird UT200

    Beautifully played. When I was a young kid I used to listen to my uncle play this song on his turn table. Sung by a Chinese lady . I couldnt understand what she sang but the melody was nice. For decades I have not heard it until recently I heard Kimo Hussey playing it and it brought back...
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    Rant - Why does Canada hate soprano ukuleles?

    In Japan the majority of ukes are concert size. You’ll be hard pressed to find a baritone.
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    N (to me) UD. Chuck Moore "Pearl n' Curl" tenor

    Wow. Congrats on the holy grail of ukes.
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    Kala Travel Baritone and solid body

    Thin line instruments are very comfortable to play and for some it alleviates the discomfort due to past injuries or some other form of physical issues. If the travel baritone sounds as good as the travel tenor which I once had then I think it’s a pretty good deal.
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    Acquired Koaloha tenor

    The opios are really worth every cent.
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    Kala Travel Baritone and solid body

    These were really hard to find at one point in time. Seems like it’s been brought back again? I was looking for one but was never able to get one. I might just get one now that it’s back...
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    Sold SOLD Moore-Bettah Baritone Ukulele

    Wow. Just Stunning.