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  1. benjoeuke

    WTB: Koa Tenor w/cutaway & slothead

    Hi everyone. I’ve been playing my Mainland ukes mahogany tenor cutaway w/slot head for a few years now and I really like it but it lacks something in the tone and volume. Hard to explain but I want a really special sounding Koa tenor and I’ve already decided it must have these particular...
  2. benjoeuke

    Some good ol' hillbilly pickin' on the uke

    I was trying some of that clawhammer type stuff and it kinda morphed into this... had to flip on the iphone to catch it and share... notice how it makes my lower lip automatically sag, lol... can any ukulele players name these tunes? hehe... it's also the first time I ever kept a first take of...
  3. benjoeuke

    Sentimental Journey

    Here's another instrumental version of a great tune :)
  4. benjoeuke

    Latest Instrumental - Sea of Love

    Just arranged a few instrumentals last night after I put the kids to bed. It helped that I already kinda knew the chords but I wanted to find the melody notes within the chords... it was challenging but fun :)
  5. benjoeuke

    Help me, luthiers! You're my only hope. (Re: crudbox)

    This probably won't help much with what you are doing but I thought I'd let you know an alternative route. This is a picture of a 90 year old mandolin slotted headstock that was cracked in half. Sorry I don't have before and after pics, always regretted not taking them 10 years ago when I fixed...
  6. benjoeuke

    Help Date/identify Martin Concert

  7. benjoeuke

    Help Date/identify Martin Concert

    My bro would like to know something about his Martin concert ukulele:
  8. benjoeuke

    New Mainland Tenor Cutaway w/Slothead

    Here's some pix
  9. benjoeuke

    New Mainland Tenor Cutaway w/Slothead

    I got my new Mainland on Monday and finally made a video of it, my first ever video review and a quick sample tune. I forgot to mention in the vid that the price included a Max case as well, what a great deal! Here is a quick sample: and here is my...
  10. benjoeuke

    New KoAloha Soprano

    I am going to try and put up a video of my attempt at Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" so you can get a sample, for what its worth ;)
  11. benjoeuke

    New KoAloha Soprano

  12. benjoeuke

    New KoAloha Soprano

  13. benjoeuke

    New KoAloha Soprano

    Well I'm back from Maui and I am stoked to be the owner of a brand new super sweet uku! While I was there I went to several stores and played about 20 different sopranos, all made in Hawaii by about 5 or 6 different makers (most seemed to start with K) anyway, they were all pretty much amazing...
  14. benjoeuke

    Tangi 'Super Concert'

    Somebody suggested I do a review of my Tangi so you all could see pics of it. Well, I don't think I'm quite qualified to do a review but I'll post some pics anyway :) Tangi calls it a 'Super Concert' It is #19, made in 2004, and marked inside '2004 HD 19' and 'Tangi of Hawaii koa' with...
  15. benjoeuke

    Hello from California

    Hi, just discovered this site so I thought I should join, as I have recently discovered a love of the ukulele after 20+ years of guitar and mandolin. I have been playing a Tangi Super Concert, which I really like, but I also want a smaller one for traveling and for my daughter to learn on. I...