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    FS: Pete Howlett Revelator - SOLD

    What a marvelous looking uke!
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    Where's that piece gone?

    I can't help with the hardware, but I can only send love for the pathos in this little UTube documentary... ♥ 😂
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    ukulele black metal t-shirt design

    I'm navigating the new website for the first time, AND I'm pretty much a luddite. I don't have a PC and I just use my older Android Note. Is it true that I need to buy "Photo Bucket" to see photos of this T-shirt? Ugh.
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    Looking for beginner and intermediate ukulele buying guide

    I received the following message for advice from a friend whose non-profit (teaching music to kids in war-torn countries) is currently sidelined by the pandemic. In the meantime, she is teaching stressed healthcare workers how to play the ukulele...
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    That Peter Howlett soprano at Gryphon

    I'm curious if anyone here on UU nabbed the '97 Island Koa sop that sat at Gryphon for a little while, now sold. Built and signed by the esteemed Peter Howlett. They didn't realize what they had at first, but I see they righted the description...
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    NUD: Kamaka, concert, white label

    I need another uke like a hole in the head... But a national retailer had a listing plus mystery pics (you couldn't really see the condition) for a fairly priced used Kamaka concert... and I hadn't held one for a while... so... Given a generous and easy return policy, I couldn't help but bite...
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    D'Adarrio humidify paks on sale

    For those with many ukes in dry, cold climates... Amazon's screamin' deal TODAY at $38 for 12. My UU friend Jon gave me a brilliant idea to buy these bulk bags to protect the paks rather than...
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    Craving a Kala?

    Received an email from Kala: they are offering 20% discount during May with KALAMAY20 (received via email) and free shipping above $99. That applies even to those ukes already discounted in Clearance, including this sweet all solid spruce/pau ferro tenor...
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    Anyone play the all solid BAMBOO Kaka?

    KALA. (How do I fix that title, LOL!?) Crazy price for all solid? But how does BAMBOO sound? Anyone play one? Trying to help a friend. Ukes selling like hotcakes in Corona economy!! Kala KA-BMB-C All Solid Bamboo Concert Ukulele...
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    Kala KA-SLNG... discontinued??!?

    I was shocked and sad to see that this model is being discontinued. It's been a go-to for gifts and beginners. Such a great looker, alotta bang for the buck. Anyone know if there will be a replacement?
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    Musician's Gear hardshell case sale, concert and tenor $29

    FYI: Musician's Gear hardshell case sale, concert and tenor $29, free shipping. Build quality on these is better than the unbranded cheap shiney black ones direct from China on Ebay for around the same price. In my experience, these cases run a smidge big so they fit most everything...
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    Cyber Week Sale

    [EDIT: AS OF 12/31/2019, half price sale is over, so closing post. There are still good deals on some cases and misc.] All strings, tuners, and stands are half price once they're in your cart. Some odds and ends (esp low G sop sets) are only $2.50. Those stands (below) are $16.50 again! And...
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    Reduced: Great little hard case for vintage sops

    Fyi for the community: I just got notice that the price on these dropped to $25+ It's a nice case, built like a tank (much heavier than most), BUT with a too-high neck rest for many sops. Perfect, however, for the slender neck of vintage sopranos (EDIT: OLDER Martins, etc) . Rockbag RC...
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    NUD... Almost. Blue Frog semi-custom super soprano

    I've never been able to brag up in-process build pics before, so thought I'd better take the opportunity. This is Vic's fine work on a Blue Frog super soprano: Spruce top, walnut back & sides, maple neck with walnut center stripe, ebony fretboard and binding, with black and white purfling...
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    Kala TSUB-S Transit Series Ukulele Bag, SHALLOW!

    I recently bought a Kala TSUB-S Transit Series Ukulele Bag on Ebay. I believe it's the same bag that was sold with the later models of the high end American made Kala Elite ukes. At first it seemed like a fantastic deal: really thick, nice handle and shoulder strap, and built like a tank...
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    Kala KA-ASCP-T Pau Ferro Tenor

    Anyone ever put their hands on this Kala tenor? Doesn't seem to be offered anywhere else, though Elderly apparently once had one. I don't know if it's the end or beginning of the run, or if they never got off the ground. Price point at $318 is amazing for all solid. I like its minimalist good...
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    Recommendations for cases/bags for long neck sop?

    My wife calls me the "Ukulele Fairy". I collect inexpensive ukes and give them away to kids and adults who might not otherwise be able to have one (or to individuals and groups that do the same). I would like to locate inexpensive gig bags as well as hard cases for long neck sopranos (such as...
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    WANTED: Ukulelezaza Books Vol. 1 and Vol. 3

    Ryan, I have #2 [EDIT:2 is SOLD to Patrick] & #3 [EDIT: 3 is SOLD to Ryan]. Brand new, $15 each plus shipping (not much, $3?). I know you didn't ask about 2, thought I'd post here in case someone else wants it. PayPal and email: Tanders5 at MSN dot com
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    Taimane Gardner, TedX Maui

    Astonishing. I can't believe I missed this 5 years ago. Don't miss the second piece...