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  1. HBolte

    NUD: Laughlin

    I went to Elderly to look at their nice selection of new and vintage sopranos. I especially wanted to try the Martin 3M Centennial, Kiwaya Master Koa and the Laughlin. I really liked the sound and feel of the Lauglin best so that is the one I took home.
  2. HBolte

    FS Timms

    Brand new, mint condition Timms soprano. Received two weeks ago, played for about 30 minutes. It is a beautifully made ukulele and sounds great. The only way to try a Timms is to buy one, I'm only selling because I prefer the sound of my vintage Martins. Selling for exactly what I have into it...
  3. HBolte

    FS-Kamaka Gold Label Soprano

    Last photo:
  4. HBolte

    FS-Kamaka Gold Label Soprano

    Nice example of a Kamaka gold label soprano for sale. Very nice ukulele, it has some scratches. No cracks or damage, sounds very nice. I'm only selling because I prefer my vintage Martin sopranos. $425 shipped CONUS, no PayPal fee.
  5. HBolte

    Moore Bettah Case

    Here is mine being installed:
  6. HBolte

    In The Mood for a cool video?

  7. HBolte

    FS:New Mya Moe Soprano

    Since I ordered this over a year ago I have acquired several vintage Martin sopranos. As beautiful as it is I have decided to sell it. It looks, plays and sounds great. It is in new, unmarked condition. Price is the same as I paid: $1,350 shipped CONUS, rest of the world you pay shipping...
  8. HBolte

    Ohana SK-21M Sopranino

    Nice little SK-21M. Bought a few months ago at Elderly, like new. $129.00 shipped CONUS.
  9. HBolte

    RISA Concert

    Excellent condition RISA Concert. New style geared tuners. This plays great. The only reason I'm selling is because I play mostly Standard and recently picked up a RISA Standard and don't need both. $249 Shipped CONUS.
  10. HBolte

    Martin 50's Style 2

    Too many ukuleles so this must go. It is a beautiful Style 2. It sounds as good as it looks. There is a very small (2 inch) split on the back in the center just below the heal. $1050 shipped CONUS. Will ship worldwide, you pay shipping. Photos:
  11. HBolte

    FS: Kanile'a K2-T Premium

    For sale a beautiful sounding and looking Kanile'a Tenor. List price $1970.00. Selling because i have too many ukuleles. Price $1445, PayPal shipped to CONUS. Will ship worldwide, you pay shipping. Photo's in my gallery: No trades, thanks.
  12. HBolte

    Monday doesn't get much Bettah than this...

    Receiving a new Moore Bettah ukulele made my Monday much Bettah!! Thank you Chuck! The T-Shirt made a great background too! More photo's on the Moore Bettah thread.
  13. HBolte

    Christmas on 34th Street Video Contest : 'Outdoor Ukulele' as First Prize

    No video but I took this on Wednesday. Adds to the mood!
  14. HBolte

    Kanile'a K-2 T Premium

    Two more...
  15. HBolte

    Kanile'a K-2 T Premium

    A beautiful Ukulele. It was played very little, it is in new condition, no marks, dings or scratches. Built in July 2012, SN 0712-8223 Asking $1,400 shipped CONUS. I will ship worldwide, you pay shipping. From the Kanile'a website: K-2 Tenor Select Koa Body Rosewood Fret Board and Bridge...
  16. HBolte

    What song are you working on now?

    I just learned Sweet Lorraine, working on Freight Train now. How about you?
  17. HBolte

    Old Uke Day

    I received this little beauty yesterday. A 1920's Style O. Other than some playing marks on the top it's pretty much flawless. It weighs in at 9.5 ounces, and has a very sweet voice!
  18. HBolte

    Who's going to Hell?

    Ukes in Hell, Michigan is this Saturday. Any UUer's going?
  19. HBolte

    Anyone going to Elderly workshops?

    I'm going to all three workshops at Elderly Instruments on 9/7, any UU'ers going to be there?
  20. HBolte

    Aldrine's uke sounds good...

    Anyone know which strings he is using these days? Thanks.