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  1. fingerguy

    Grateful Dead Ukuleles

    Anyone buy the Grateful Dad ukuleles? My fiance did and she doesn't play, she just wants to hang them on the wall.
  2. fingerguy

    Do you still have your first one?

    I don't have my first instrument at all (guitar & bass) yet thinking when I get my 3rd ukulele that I might just donate my first one that cost me $47 to Goodwill. But then something stops me.
  3. fingerguy

    Do you feel a teacher is necessary?

    I say no! Recently on FB I had a disagreement with someone saying you need a teacher to which I completely disagree. Some of the most amazing musicians are self-taught. I myself are a combination of lessons and self taught; the later being the ukulele. Others I received lessons but did a lot on...
  4. fingerguy

    Strap Pin - Universal?

    So stupid me drove all the way to NYC to buy a new Ukulele and then drive the 1.5hrs back home and after opening it realizing I completely forgot to have them install pins. I Google and researched and nervous to do it but from what I read as long as I have a piece of wood inside at the back...
  5. fingerguy

    Fender App

    Don't assume I am getting it but seeing so many advertisements I figure I ask. Anyone use the Fender app for bass, guitar, and/or ukulele?
  6. fingerguy

    Help me understand the Baritone

    So you have Soprano, Concert, and Tenor all with the same tuning. Then you have the Baritone which is the first 4 strings of a guitar and naturally the same tuning as a standard guitar. So I ask, if that is the case then the ukulele chords don't carry over at the Baritone. So for instance the...
  7. fingerguy

    NYC Ukulele Shop

    Not exactly close to me but not extremely far either: Curious if anyone has been there? Google shows the reviews are good.
  8. fingerguy

    Fighting Your Instrument

    Someone once said playing is hard enough, you don’t need to fight your instrument and she was right in saying that. Why am I bringing this up you ask; glad you asked. Today was supposed to be a lazy Sunday with some chores and this and that. But the one thing I wanted to do was play even if it...
  9. fingerguy

    REMOVABLE Pick-up

    I decided for reasons of my own I am going to get the Outside Ukulele. With that said and to keep the design where it can handle the elements including water I want a removable pick-up. The main reason for a pick-up is when I decide to do so I want to get the Roland Cube to putz with different...
  10. fingerguy

    Hello from CT

    Hi Everyone, Between being a little bored at work and coming on here frequently I figured maybe it is time for me to make an account. I am not sure if I will have much to contribute for I am not a fanatic about the ukulele as well as the other instruments I play, but I do enjoy playing. Being...