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  1. Michael Smith

    Oil Stained Peghead Repair?

    I don't think you can fix that without taking it down to bare wood and removing as much as you can with thinner and oiling the whole thing. A poultice no matter what you use isn't going to do anything good. If it really bothers you it might be easier to glue a veneer of some beautiful wood over...
  2. Michael Smith

    Back curvature?

    $ 44 bucks Ebay for a radius dish in US with free shipping. less sandpaper. Just about any radius you want. I use 15' but 12 would be interesting as well. I like to support guys making these types of things in their shops.
  3. Michael Smith

    Installing strap button on the side of the heel

    I put a piece of tape and mark the location. Then check and recheck that I have it in the right side of the neck. I take a dowel that is square on the end about 4 inches long. Place it where the button is going to go. That shows me the drill angle. I tape off the drill bit for depth so I don't...
  4. Michael Smith

    Routers how many?

    I have six if you count dremels. 1 for engrafts 1 for notching braces over carbon fiber bridge 1 for binding channel 1 for poor mans cnc 1 for mortise and tenon cutting 1 for flushing the top to the sides 1 for buffing frets 1 with a spiral bit for joining plates and shaping fingerboards to...
  5. Michael Smith

    Maple and Sitka Tenor with Koa Bindings

    Love that maple. Nice work.
  6. Michael Smith

    What Radius for saddle on a 20" radius fretboard?

    I agree with both the previous posts.
  7. Michael Smith

    Getting Wiped Out By Kala

    Yes, things have reverted back and I'm on top of the search again. I don't know how or why but I'm happy about it.
  8. Michael Smith

    Template design?

    Small hole to mark center.
  9. Michael Smith

    Acacia Koa?

    What is commonly called Black Acacia here in the SF Bay Area is Acacia Melanoxylon. Brought in as an ornamental has spread in many areas and is considered an invasive species. Seems to grow well on the outskirts of towns along roadsides. It spreads from roots as well as seeds so tends to produce...
  10. Michael Smith

    Template design?

    I use paper templates. I have used the same one for more than 50 instruments before retiring it. Brace location, sound hole location, bridge patch location on one side. Back braces on the other.
  11. Michael Smith

    Acacia Koa?

    It really depends on your goal. I have used several subspecies of Acacia and all have worked well and been a pleasure to work with. I've used what we call on the West Coast of CA, Black Acacia (looks very similar to Hawaiian Koa) Silver Acacia (tends to be much lighter but with similar working...
  12. Michael Smith

    Neck angles

    I glue the back on last with the neck attached (mortise and tenon bolted temporarily) I find that keeping neck flat to the body before adding the fingerboard yields a nice saddle height for my ukuleles. Your milage may vary however.
  13. Michael Smith

    Help needed! I've got a broken neck...

    Might as well throw another curve at you. Where I come from when restoring a classical instrument you use hide glue whenever possible. You have to work more quickly but if you preheat the joint with a hair dryer and preplan your clamping setup you should do fine.
  14. Michael Smith

    Ukulele Mortis and Tenon template

    I also made mine 5/8" wide. I made the templates from 1/4" plexiglass and this one of multiply plywood. On the tenon template I drilled a hole in the center to put a small screw in to keep it from flexing while routing. I made them by hand on the table saw if I remember correctly. The mortise...
  15. Michael Smith

    Four Concerts

    Beautiful Work Paul, Where are you getting the stealth tuners? I was told they are no longer available.
  16. Michael Smith

    VIDEO- Which household product ruined this guitar?

    I believe Watco is the brand name. They make a tung oil product that is similar to True Oil. I used it quite often when I was building homes when I was younger. It's a wipe on hardening oil.
  17. Michael Smith

    Green binding and purfling?

    That set is getting close to glueing end grain, over 45 degrees in some areas. That always makes me a little nervous. If it's a keeper ok but a commission or consignment I wouldn't do it. You could flip the pieces as the other side would be less so. Curious to hear what others think about that set.
  18. Michael Smith

    buffing on the cheap

    There is a shop fox buffer one bay with a $10 bid and a day left to go. $20 shipping in US. It's the same model I use. Not the greatest but works reasonably well. Use a 1725 rpm motor on these or you will burn through your finish. A third or half and probably even a quarter horse motor is...
  19. Michael Smith

    VIDEO- Which household product ruined this guitar?

    Thanks for that video Beau, Good information I had a customer spill fingernail polish in her case. She cleaned it up best she could. Didn't directly touch the instrument. The fumes soaked in between the fretboard and where the lacquer starts and soon it began causing the lacquer to fail. When I...
  20. Michael Smith

    Small crack while bending

    Looks like if you bind that will cover it.. If not put some thin CA in there and sand while wet. If it will be noticeable it will only be by you and all of us, no one else.