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  1. hibiscus

    Ukulele on plane.?

    I just gifted my friend with a sopranisimo. Will she have any problems taking it from California to Seattle? It is so tiny she could carry it or possibly fit in her suitcase. Thank you very much.
  2. hibiscus

    Girl in Susanville, CA?

    Did the talented youngster from Susanville ever receive a new uke of her own? Several months ago someone was offering a new ukulele, and her name came up. Thank you.
  3. hibiscus

    Strumming with index finger

    Late in the game, I am strumming with my index finger for quick chords, back-and-forth. If you strum this way, do you let your fingernail touch the string? I guess the only other choice is to trim my fingernail back. Thank you for your help.
  4. hibiscus

    KoAloha Soprano Pineapple ~ Gorgeous

    SOLD O 9/6/2015 Item Description This Soprano Ukulele model is called the "Pineapple" model, and has an all-rounded body in the shape of a pineapple. It has the same features and finish as the Standard Soprano. Specifications: •All Hawaiian Koa Body •CNC Shaped Sapele Neck •TUSQ(tm) Nut...
  5. hibiscus

    Anyone have a KoAloha Soprano tuned to D?

    I have my KoAloha Soprano Pineapple tuned to the key of D as of today, with a low A. I can no longer play a larger instrument, and it sounds pretty good for my linear uke. Could it have too much tension? I have the KoAloha strings on it. Thank you.
  6. hibiscus

    Ohana Mahogany SOPRANO SK-38 for sale

    final picture~
  7. hibiscus

    Ohana Mahogany SOPRANO SK-38 for sale

    I have decided to sell this after the Christmas rush. Thanks for looking. This is one great ukulele from Mim! I have too many Sopranos now that I'm not playing so often because of my arthritis. This one is in new condition and comes with a gig bag. I have played it for less than 5 hours...
  8. hibiscus

    FS: Ohana SK-21M Mahogany Sopranino & Hard Case~ New

    I received this great little ukulele and case for my 65th birthday from a relative who did not know I have a Black Bear Sopranino. I really only need one Sopranino, so maybe you can help me out. Thank you!
  9. hibiscus

    So disappointed and question

    My SK-38 Ohana Soprano from Mim is a wonderful instrument~ highly recommend it! I finally got around to taking the Aquila strings off and put on Martin 600s for the first time. I expected a great sound, and I guess it's OK, but the C string is so thick, I can't even keep it tuned. I don't...
  10. hibiscus

    Pineapples: Any Good?

    My pineapple is fantastic!
  11. hibiscus

    Pineapple : Pros and Cons

    I can't think of a con~ I love my KoAloha pineapple!
  12. hibiscus

    FS: Ohana SK-21 Sopranino

    SOLD This ukulele has been lightly used and looks like new. I am selling it to pay for the camera I bought to take its picture. So let's hope the pictures turn out! You can find all the stats on it online; check out Mim's or Uke Republic. I recently put Freemont Black Line Hard strings...
  13. hibiscus

    Pics of pets and ukuleles! Lets see yours!

    I've had such fun looking at your pets! Here are my two rescue dogs "listening" to the ukulele (looking rather shocked!). The little one is the size of a sopranino and the other little one the size of a soprano.
  14. hibiscus

    Adjusting from one uke size to another?

    For those of you who play several sizes of ukulele, do your fingers adjust easily from playing one size to another? I'm particularly referring to the fret size differences. Do you find yourself playing one size more often that the others because they are more comfortable? Thank you.
  15. hibiscus

    FS: Ohana Port Orford Cedar/Myrtle Soprano

    SOLD This beautiful instrument is in perfect condition, fingerpicked less than 20 hours. I have several ukuleles and rotate them throughout the week for 15 minutes a day. (I have severe arthritis). I am going to post my own picture with the date, and the following pictures are straight off...
  16. hibiscus

    Want my Sopranino in key of C

    Got it. . . .
  17. hibiscus

    The Ukulele : A Visual History by Jim Beloff (2003, Hardcover, Revised) Why?

    Do you know why this book sells for such a high price? I have seen it for sale from $200-$1000. I have a copy, and I'm wondering if I should keep it in my safe! It is a very good book, by the way, and is available in paperback for a "normal" price. Thanks. . .
  18. hibiscus

    Two Beginner Method Books~ like new

    Kev's Quickstart for Fingerstyle Ukulele Book & CD The Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Book & CD, Level 1 SOLD $15, free ship, Paypal, Thanks! Quickstart great book for learning fingerstyle playing, one of the best! $15