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  1. SailQwest

    Ukulele Books Giveaway!

    Win this trio of ukulele books! Guess the last 3 digits of my current* MMC. Closest guess wins! The deadline is 12/15/10 at 1:00 p.m. AST (approx. 24 hours from this post time). Sorry, U.S. only (unless you want to pay the postage). *Edited to change to my current MMC. I just looked up my...
  2. SailQwest

    Risa Concert Stick with geared tuners

    I got a request to review my Risa Concert Stick, in particular to compare it to my soprano, which my husband made me sell after getting the concert. Both are extremely well made instruments, and I'm thrilled with them and would highly recommend them. With the zero fret the action is low and...
  3. SailQwest

    FS: Risa Soprano Stick <SOLD>

    My husband is insisting that I sell my Risa soprano stick. He has a strict "one in/one out" policy when it comes to ukuleles. I have acquired my personal "holy grail" of ukuleles (a Risa concert stick with geared tuners), which is the only reason I would ever consider letting this much-loved...
  4. SailQwest

    Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen

    A beautiful song that's been stuck in my head for days! Sorry about the wind noise, but it was recorded on a sailboat, so I guess some wind should be expected. :p
  5. SailQwest

    Which Strings Have YOU Tried?

    It's cool when people share their string experience. But I always wonder about their basis for comparison (which is probably why I have tried so many for myself). I'm curious about the different strings people have tried before (presumably) deciding on what they prefer for themselves. I have...
  6. SailQwest

    Deluxe Padded Tenor Gig Bag Giveaway

    We ordered a deluxe padded gig bag from MGM and it did not fit Rich's Bushman Jenny Tenor, being too narrow at the upper bout. (It probably will not fit Mainland or Ohana tenors, either.) MGM was very gracious and sent us another one (which fits perfectly), but he did not want us to send this...
  7. SailQwest

    That Great Day—8-string Ukulele

    This video is a bit noisy...there was a lot of wind and boat traffic. But I wanted to record this song before we sell and/or restring this ukulele.
  8. SailQwest

    Love Potion #9

    It's been a while since I posted anything here, but I did this video today to include with the listing to sell this ukulele. This is a fun song to do!
  9. SailQwest

    FS: Mainland Red Cedar Concert with Mi-Si Pick-up

    This sweet ukulele needs a new home for Christmas! This is a Mainland Red Cedar Concert with a Mi-Si Acoustic Trio Pick-up. It's a beauty, but seldom gets played because I love my spruce top too much! I purchased it from Mainland in January, and it has probably only gotten about 10 hours of...
  10. SailQwest

    FS: Kala S8E Spruce Top 8-String Acoustic Electric<SOLD>

    This is a Kala S8E Spruce Top 8-String Acoustic Electric that we got from MGM. We restrung it to an unusual tuning with Aquila strings from Mike at Alternate Tunings. It is now strung as DdGgBBEE. Included is a spare set of Aquila strings of this tuning, plus a set of Aquilas for regular...
  11. SailQwest

    Bean Blossom Blues Fest, Nashville, IN, 8/27-8/29

    We are really excited about the upcoming Bean Blossom Blues Fest. Nashville, Indiana, has become the uke capital of the mid-west, and home of our favorite ukulele companies. We're looking forward to jamming with lots of our on-line friends IRL. There is a Ukulele Luau at the same time...
  12. SailQwest

    Hotel California Snippet at Culebrita

    We here hanging out at Culebrita (an uninhabited island in the Spanish Virgins) last week, and after we recorded a bit for our travel vlog we decided to do a bit of Hotel California.
  13. SailQwest

    Sisterhood of the Traveling Ukulele (in the Virgin Islands)

    Here's the latest video from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Ukulele. After it's adventures at the UWC, the ukulele moved on to the Virgin Islands for signing and a bit of playing.
  14. SailQwest

    Changing strings on a Risa solid: especially difficult, or is it just me?

    When I took my (new to me) Risa solid out of it's case this morning, the E string was broken. I'd been thinking about changing strings anyway. I had no idea how old they were, plus they had some nicks in them. And I was having some tuning/intonation issues with one of the strings, which is...
  15. SailQwest

    They're Everywhere!

    I just got the new Land's End Swim 2009 Catalog, and the pp 4-5 layout has 3 shots with ukuleles! Does this mean they're becoming mainstream?!?
  16. SailQwest

    New Mexico Ukers???

    We're going to be spending some time during hurricane season in New Mexico and would love to find some other ukers to jam with. Anybody in ABQ/East Mountain area?
  17. SailQwest

    Me, give lessons?!? LOL

    Saturday afternoon Rich and I were hanging out at Latitude 18, waiting for the house band's mandolin player to wake up so we could jam together. So we decide to work on a new song, and as we're playing I'm calling out the changes. While we're doing this, the restaurant supplier comes over and...
  18. SailQwest

    I Will Survive

    Tuesday we finished what was probably our most awful charter ever. What a coincidence that it happened to be Mardi Gras and Open Mic Night at our favorite island bar! After such a tough charter I Will Survive seemed like an especially appropriate song for us to do. (One of the other songs we...
  19. SailQwest

    Crazy—Mainland Ukulele Cover

    It's been so long since I managed to do any videos that I forgot about putting a thread here! Anyway, I recorded this a day or so after I got my Mainland Red Cedar Concert.
  20. SailQwest

    FS: Kala S8E Spruce Top 8-String Acoustic Electric

    Trying to find a nice home for this sweet ukulele! This is a Kala S8E Spruce Top 8-String Acoustic Electric that we got from MGM in March. We restrung it to an unusual tuning with Aquila strings from Mike at Alternate Tunings. It is now strung as DdGgBBEE. We are asking $250 plus $40 s&h (USPS...