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  1. Ziret

    Stopping by to say "Hi" to some old friends.

    Same here. I don’t think we were friends, but we could be. Welcome back
  2. Ziret

    Practice journal

    Do you think that’s a wig?
  3. Ziret

    Martin Premium Tenor Strings

    I like them, and I like the regular Martin strings, as well.
  4. Ziret

    The Sound Hole Thread

    So pretty!
  5. Ziret

    Stolen (?) Ukes- or maybe just lost in shipping

    How frustrating!!!!!! But this does show the wonderful kindness and flexibility I’ve always (at least I can’t think of any exceptions right now) in transactions with our members.
  6. Ziret

    It's almost time to: PLAY BALL! Predict your team's record for this year

    I read your post like: Blah blah NL team, blah blah another NL team, blah blah not again! Outta here. 😅 But I do have that springtime hope.
  7. Ziret

    Modern Martin S1 Review

    Wonderful! You just freed up a lot of room in your mind to use improving your playing. It’s difficult to chase the imaginary perfect ukulele and practice the one you have at the same time. You end up shopping most of the time. And the more you play that Martin, the better it will sound—and...
  8. Ziret

    "Sweet Georgia Brown" on martin-esque Brüko rosewood

    You got some nice ukuleles there, well suited to your playing, which I enjoyed.
  9. Ziret

    First Uke help: Tenor or Super Tenor?

    Since it seems you may have access to a variety of concert-size ukulele in your wife’s group, perhaps you could start there. By testing some of them, you may be able to hone in on how important the string spread and nut width are to you. They may be able to give you information about the brand...
  10. Ziret

    Moody ambient ukulele album incoming

    That’s even more impressive! What a showcase of talent and ability: Wrote the songs Cello Ukulele Piano Did I miss anything? It’s beautiful. Makes me glad I subscribed to YouTube.
  11. Ziret

    Distressed finishes: getting out of hand?

    I bet you’re right!!
  12. Ziret

    Distressed finishes: getting out of hand?

    Oh please do! I’m serious, I’d love to see ukuleles worse than that. I could use the laugh. With regard to this particular blob of ugly, my thought when I saw it was, “Wow, I thought we were over zebrawood. But if they were going to resurrect that fad, they chose an appropriate finish.”...
  13. Ziret

    Double top design

    That is so cool. Let us know what you find out. Here are a bunch of videos of them:
  14. Ziret

    For Sale Takumi TS-3M

    That’s a beauty. Now I know what Kiwaya did with the KTS-6 when they discontinued it! This is the same style, but with some upgrades—the tuners, the gloss finish, probably others, but the heritage is clear. I bet it sounds great. Good luck with the sale.
  15. Ziret

    NUD : Martin C1K

    I spoke too soon, I forgot that I have played one that I think is no longer in production, a mahogany tenor with front and back bindings and maybe some purfling in front. It was nice. I’m sure you’ll like yours. Looking forward to your review.
  16. Ziret


    Saddle. 😀 It’s called a saddle. I’m glad you got it sorted out. Persistence pays off!
  17. Ziret

    NUD : Martin C1K

    I’ve never even seen a contemporary Martin-made ukulele, but I have played plenty of the Mexican ones, and I like them. I would never brag about their fit and finish! But they sound good, and they play easy and they’re priced right. I think maybe their biggest advantage is that there are plenty...
  18. Ziret

    NUD : Martin C1K

    Isn’t it weird that they put the pretty wood on the back?
  19. Ziret

    No longer available Famous FS-1 soprano ukulele

    What the? You’re going to let a Flea break up the band?