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  1. Tin Ear

    Why is the use of straps more contentious in the uke community than with other fretted instruments?

    Its more contentious because you don't really need any. :D I like my ukuleles to be strapless. Might be sexist, but they are prettier strapless too. 😇 Its all personal preference. Don't matter much. When it's your uke, do what you want. Have fun. Don't worry. Be happy
  2. Tin Ear

    my ukulele progress

  3. Tin Ear

    First Uke help: Tenor or Super Tenor?

    Thanks ailevin for the nice mention. If the OP is still looking I could fix him up with a real nice Pono Tenor with case etc as I did with you. I still have one extra Pono I would part with. @ Johnny057 feel free to PM me if you have interest in a very lightly used Pono Tenor. I have sold...
  4. Tin Ear

    Harping Again

    Bought a Special 20 awhile back, but haven't cracked it open yet or played. On my list of stuff to do ! Tryed to start Harmonica well over 40 years ago. Forgot about it, lost it. Special 20 waiting for me. One of these days....
  5. Tin Ear

    Custom made ukulele

    If you don't know exactly what you want, and it does not have to be custom, you mention the the 3 Hawaiin K's first - you might look there. I think you can't go wrong with a K, especially a KoAloha. I really like KoAloha and own more of them than I care to admit. If you are not zeroed in...
  6. Tin Ear

    Canadians - Does Strings By Mail get strings to you?

    Watched some Hockey on TV last night, and curled today and swilled a little beer afterward. Also signed up for a bonspiel at the end of the month. Damn near feel sort of Canadian tonight. LOL
  7. Tin Ear

    A Guy With a Pono ATD Walks Into a Music Store

    Glad you like them all Alan. Yes the ATD was a bargain and a great addition for you. Glad I could help . I own nothing but Pono and KoAloha and very happy with what I have. Would I own a Kamaka at some point , sure I might. Enjoy your journey. Hold on to that ATD it will never let you...
  8. Tin Ear

    Canadians - Does Strings By Mail get strings to you?

    Glad you got your strings. You Canadians have it rough sometimes. On the plus side if you curl, watch hockey and swill beer you are in heaven. A little humor there - I do two of the three in the U.S. and admire my good neighbors to the North.
  9. Tin Ear

    Pono strings + pickup

    Uke logic, Worth Clear or Brown are ones I have experience with. Like each. Living Water should be good too from what some of the folks in the know here say that have use them. Any of those should be good choices. I also like low G on Ponos ! Enjoy that uke. I know squat about pickups...
  10. Tin Ear

    Cordoba, Ohana, Pono, Martin

    Very good choice - Of the choices it was the Pono hands down in my opinion. Enjoy ! (y)
  11. Tin Ear

    Going on up- I'm looking at tenors in the Anuenue moonbird quality and price region. Mass market or consider luthier built?

    short answer KoAloha Tenor or a Lattice braced Master Series Pono
  12. Tin Ear

    Bonanza Ukuleles Oakridge Tenor

    Nice Review Barry. Bonanaza are unusual, and you are impressed each time when you review one. I should purchase a Bonanza. Heck they are built in the states and I think in a neighboring state to me. I should probably give Pete a try. Thanks for another fun review. I enjoy all your reviews !
  13. Tin Ear

    Which of these Tenor Uke would you recommend?

    Too bad you are in Argentina - I'd sell you a real sweet Pono Tenor. From your list - I'd pick the Pono hands down. And I never had any issue with any of the Pono's I have or have had with being quiet. Volume on all of them was very good.
  14. Tin Ear

    my ukulele progress

    (y) Ha Ha on the social media
  15. Tin Ear

    Does a Loose Brace Always Require Remedial Action?

    So it's no longer a Fluke. ;)
  16. Tin Ear

    New more affordable Pono model in development ...

    hope no decals - yucko on decals. bare naked is much prettier than decals. decals = artificial
  17. Tin Ear

    my ukulele progress

    sounds yummy - I like a hard boiled egg similar to you. But maybe just a trifle more cooked yolk than you. But I get it. I have gotten them "just right" to my fancy by accident just doing a conventional pot of water. all timing I guess . Best ones have been by accident. I don't like...
  18. Tin Ear

    Please, somebody buy this

    Glad you got it. I thought that one was exceptionally nice looking. Good for you !
  19. Tin Ear

    Were Pono Ukuleles really better before 2019?

    I know a guy that could probably part with one of his .. . 😉 He bought too many new Ukes in 2022...
  20. Tin Ear

    Were Pono Ukuleles really better before 2019?

    Bingo ! My experience too with Ponos.