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  1. AnthonyUkulele

    Ufc 97 baby

    sooOOOooOoOoOoOOOO...Chuck Liddel Or Shogun and is Anderson Silva gonna defend his title for a record five for discussion =] :shaka:
  2. AnthonyUkulele

    Super Bowl Predictions

    i wanna go with Philly and Chargers =] die hard charger fan:rock:
  3. AnthonyUkulele

    uke got mail episoed 12

    what was that first song aldrine played in the beginning...i probably know it but its just not coming to the top of my head...also what were some of those songs you guys played at the jam =] thank you
  4. AnthonyUkulele

    manny pacquiao VS. de la hoya

    SOO WHO IS GONNA WIN....*ahem*Manny*ahem* haha not hating or nothing delahoya is good=]:rock:
  5. AnthonyUkulele

    loud phrase from the quiet one

    sorry if this is posted up i couldnt find it but does anyone have tabs for loud phrases please and thank you
  6. AnthonyUkulele

    hey guys we just started making videos

    hey we started making videos today and we made 2 please watch and enjoi ohh comments would be nice also thanks we made a band well just the 3 of us soo far called DBL Death by laughter but dont take us emo we have our reasons y we picked that name...long story...well not really but its late and...
  7. AnthonyUkulele

    which strings would go?

    which strings you think would go on the kala ka-mt...i just got this and im thinking new strings...any opinions?
  8. AnthonyUkulele

    soft cases or tuners in sd area

    anyone in the SD area...selling a tenor soft case for my kala tenor...or willing give up one...i just got this ukulele and no case...i feel bad for not getting one for such a nice ukulele ohh yeah or any good tuners thats what i really need a nice or the other but both would be good...
  9. AnthonyUkulele

    hahah i got my sticker

    i just got my sticker yesterday its pretty tiite i dont wanna stick it on anything i just wanna keep it as it is...did any of you recieve your sticker
  10. AnthonyUkulele

    what is the difference...

    what is the difference between a wound c string and just a nylon c string?
  11. AnthonyUkulele

    Anyone know TIme of Your Life?

    anyone got the tabs
  12. AnthonyUkulele

    custom ukulele

    does anyone know any place or brand that can custom an ukulele...
  13. AnthonyUkulele

    new ukulele?

    what is a good brand for a concert or tenor...i aint tryin to get exspensive or any of the high end stuff tryin to keep it lanikai or something....any opinions
  14. AnthonyUkulele

    is there a place help

    anyone know the tabs on this song...
  15. AnthonyUkulele

    tears in heaven...need help

    tabs anyone?
  16. AnthonyUkulele

    finger picking undercover lover

    tabs for this song....if you dont know the song its undercover lover by 3 plus
  17. AnthonyUkulele

    officially missing you help

    anyone know the chords for "officially missing you"? and strum
  18. AnthonyUkulele

    ok yeah i have a hilo and i need a new uke

    Anyone selling a good cheap concert sized ukulele and know a place where i can get one...i was thinking anywhere else or anyone?