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  1. thehappypm

    No Saddle

    I build most of my cigar box instruments without a saddle, as do many. We use keys, bolts, drawer handles, anything that works. The bridges I make are hardwood oak and the very top slopes in and is narrowed to the width of a saddle. The bridge floats so I just move it to set it at the correct...
  2. thehappypm

    Longtime Lurker

    Welcome trippy_uke! Well, in a way they are toys, we do "play" with them - haha!!! Sounds like you're having a blast playing. Great stuff!!!
  3. thehappypm

    Greetings, Ukuleleists!

    Hey Quick - welcome to UU! 😊 "That is how my habit of making my own tabs and chord sheets started. I can annotate them however I want and format them in a way that makes sense to me, and then share with others." I hear you, I do the same! I don't always find the tabs are faithful to the...
  4. thehappypm

    Thinking about getting a pad

    In addition to moving my music to the iPad with forScore, I also picked up (Christmas present) a bluetooth page turner pedal. It is great for turning to the next page when you have a multi-page song. it is also great for searching through a playlist for a specific song, just tap with your toe...
  5. thehappypm

    Thinking about getting a pad

    ForScore question: I play at different venues and for each song I play, I write the venue name on the sheet. If I play it a second time at that venue, I put a check mark beside it. I do plan to abandon my paper system for ForScore. I downloaded the ForScore manual, browsed it, I do see there is...
  6. thehappypm

    Greetings from Canada

    Check out your Community Centres for any musical get togethers, jam sessions. I participate in a Circle Jam at a Citizens Centre in Bolton. We go around the circle, each person plays a song, it's often a well known song, or an easy to follow 145 progression. I am the only ukulele in the circle...
  7. thehappypm

    Greetings from Canada

    Hello and welcome from a fellow Canuck from Woodbridge Ontario! Wow! You are playing very well after just a year and a bit.
  8. thehappypm

    Total Immersion Hobbies before Discovering Ukulele

    Personal Computer - how could I not get into this. I was a mainframe systems programmer in the late 70s and the original 8088 based PCs gave me a chance to poke and probe and program all on my own at home. I "tinkered" a lot. The last 5 years or so though, I am happy just to "use" a computer and...
  9. thehappypm

    Harping Again

    I can kick myself. I remember as a kid, yes 50s, getting a Marine Band harp as a Christmas gift from a friend of the family, nobody thought anything of it, it was only a buck or two. Oh how I wish I'd take better care of it and not treated it like a "toy"
  10. thehappypm

    Introducing myself to the forum members

    Welcome, rydenbrook! I’ve only been here a short time myself, but I am amazed at the wealth of information I’ve picked up so far. Do look through the list of postings on the forum, I’m confident you’ll find something that catches your attention.
  11. thehappypm

    Thinking about getting a pad

    BE AWARE: if you playing off a tablet in bright sunshine, it may heat up and shut down. Yes, it happened to me. I got a BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH on my iPad and a message along the lines of "Shutting down as the iPad is over heating", while sitting on my deck and checking out playing from an ipad...
  12. thehappypm

    How did you end up here?

    I agree. I’m discovering songs in the key of C, capo fret 1, work much better with my voice. I chose not to stumble while relearning closed chords to accommodate this. A friend has finger muscle issues, the capo helps.
  13. thehappypm

    How did you end up here?

    A music teacher made the comment that 'capos are for lazy people'. So I set off in search of comments by ukulele players regarding the use of capos. And I found Ukulele Underground. And I am thrilled with the discussions and knowledge that is shared here. So happy to find this site.
  14. thehappypm

    Which movies made you cry?

    Cinema Paradiso - the last scene, the ending. And towards the end, when he enters the theatre to look around, just before it gets demolished.
  15. thehappypm

    Ashokan Farewell Fingerstyle Arrangement for Tenor Uke

    A beautiful build Jason. 👏👏👏 And we’ll played. 👍
  16. thehappypm

    I like to play for audiences. Summer is great, farmers markets; autumn, a local fall fair...

    I like to play for audiences. Summer is great, farmers markets; autumn, a local fall fair. Otherwise, open mics, seniors centres and related venues. Occasionally, I’m invited to play a bar gig with my group the Ukulele Fab Five. Winter is also spent in the workshop building cigar box guitars and...
  17. thehappypm

    Greetings from Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

    Hello Jim, great to hear from you. I saw some postings on the Seasons and wasn’t clear on what it was all about - thanks for clarifying. 😊
  18. thehappypm

    Easy songs to play

    Jambalaya - 2 chords - C and G or C and G7
  19. thehappypm

    Greetings from Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

    Thanks for the suggestions Nickie - with the Farmers Markets shut down, we were looking for other opportunities to play - we’re ok playing for free - I’ll take these up with my partners 😊
  20. thehappypm

    Greetings from Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

    Hello Chicago! 😊