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    June 3-5, 2022 , 2022 NAMM Show , Please post any Ukulele news here

    None of the big K brands attended this year. Some of the notable guitar brands were also missing in action. It was a much watered down event this year and for that reason I chose not to attend even though I paid my admission fee.
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    You know you're old when...

    When the drugs you take now consists of Ben Gay, Preparation H, and Rogaine.
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    Are You Lonesome Tonight

    Hi Grandpa Dave: How old is your little monkey? She is very cute. You sing with great emotion and sincerity, and that's what I like about you. Carry on, my friend. Regards, Luke
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    Ukulele Related News from NAMM 2020

    Lava U introduced a line of carbon fiber ukuleles at a starting price of $399. Very attractive looking.
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    You Are My Sunshine

    Happy holiday to all. I also posted this in the Audio/Video sub-forum but it involves guitar, so I thought I would also post it here too. For Christmas, I got a iZotope Spire Studio, a very portable and very user friendly multi-track recorder. I recorded this 4-track tune in under 10 minutes...
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    iZotope Spire Studio

    Happy holiday to all. For Christmas, I got a iZotope Spire Studio, a very portable and very user friendly multi-track recorder. I recorded this 4-track tune in under 10 minutes. The instruments I used were a Recording King RR-75 resonator guitar, a...
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    Ukulele stand recommendations?

    Here is an unusual guitar stand that can be used for ukulele. It is called a "D'Angle" from John Pearse ( I owe one. It is not suitable for all situations, but for home use, it is safe and secure to use.
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    Summer NAMM Show 2019

    Hi friends: Occasionally NAMM allows the general public to attend the NAMM show. NAMM just announced that the Summer NAMM show in Nashville will be open to the public for 1 day on July 20. Many of you have in the past expressed a desire to attend. I don't think many of big name ukulele...
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    What's Up With Kala?

    I happened to visit the Kala website today and noticed significant MSRP price drops on almost all their products, in some cases up to 20% decrease. I have never seen an instrument manufacturer do that before. Prices usually increase, not decrease. I wonder what up at Kala. Anybody know? Might...
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    Going to Waikiki

    Aloha my friends: I will be going to Oahu in mid-December on a business trip. We'll be staying at the Hilton Village in Waikiki. Beside looking forward to some good Hawaiian music, I'd like to do some sightseeing and eat some good food. Can you recommend some off-the-beaten path food...
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    Andrew Molina workshop/concert

    You mean these 2 guys the left? That's me on the right.
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    Second attempt - How Great Thou Art

    I tried to post this video earlier but had technical difficulties. I was inspired to do this song after I saw a Youtube video of Vince Gill and friends doing it. It was great. I hope you like my short version. Your comments would be appreciated. Luke
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    How Great Thou Art

    Please excuse this erroneous post. I am having trouble uploading a video clip.
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    Ukulele Related News from NAMM 2018

    Some non-ukulele new products. A folding electric guitar. Not only the neck folds, the headstock also folds. Has a nice aluminum case. This chair has adjustable leg heights and back rest. It is made in Sweden, I believe and distributed by John Pearse. It costs about $450! This is a drum...
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    Ukulele Related News from NAMM 2018

    Here is another ukulele/guitar hanger made by John Pearse called the D'angle. It looks flimsy but it actually holds the instrument very securely. They told me it even keep an instrument secured during an earthquake. I bought one at the show. Here is the new Fishman Loudbox mini that can run...
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    Ukulele Related News from NAMM 2018

    Rainer: I don't plan on going back either. Sorry. One of things I enjoy about NAMM is seeing the new products being introduced or products that I didn't know existed. This is a stomp box by Ohana. Mitsuba is a Japanese manufacturer that has moved their factory to Hawaii. Here is a...
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    Ukulele Related News from NAMM 2018

    Here is Daniel Ho and Pepe Romero Sr. Pepe Romero in the background and Daniel in the foreground Here is Gerald Ross playing the guitar at the Farida booth. Gerald is my favorite musician. He plays ukulele, guitar, and lap steel guitar each proficiently. I love his Youtube videos. I had...
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    Ukulele Related News from NAMM 2018

    Here is Joe Luttwak from Blackbird A shot of the Clara and Farallon Yes, there are luthiers at the show but not many. Here is Mike DaSilva, a buiilder from Berekeley, CA. He share the Takumi booth. He builds wonderful, lively, light as a feather ukuleles
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    Ukulele Related News from NAMM 2018

    Great show but very tiring. My feet are killing me. Bumped into many interesting people, old friends, and artists. Bumped into Andrew Molina and Kalei Gamiao strolling the aisles during their down time. Herb Ohta Jr at the Kamaka booth The wonderful and cheery Cynthia Lin holding her...
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    Martin IZ owners chime in.....need string recommendations

    I just got back from NAMM. Perhaps the new line of Martin ukulele strings in the picture are used in the Iz model? Just a guess. I don't know.