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  1. rayray

    Kamaka Long scale tenors

    I heard they were coming out with a new line of long scale ukes, anyone know where I can get one?
  2. rayray

    Uke influence in Europe

    Just an observance, I just got off a 2 week eurotrip (England/France) and noticed how the uke is spreading, saw numerous people with ukes all over the place, even heard "Iz's Somewhere over the rainbow" as a ringtone on the metro in France! Very cooool!!!
  3. rayray

    Adding a pick-up

    Hey guys, I was thinking of getting a pick up installed in my uke. Will this affect/alter the sound when I play it unplugged?
  4. rayray

    Tenor strings on a Baritone

    I was just wondering, Has anyone ever tried using tenor strings on a baritone uke?
  5. rayray

    Decent Uke under $200?

    Hello all, anyone know a budget uke that plays pretty well? Been playing for a while but havent touched one in about 6 months because of my work/location(Afghanistan). Which is why I want something under 200. It gets really dusty and potentially might get damaged while Im out here.
  6. rayray

    Alohas UU!!

    Hello from Afghanistan! Realizing how much I miss this site and you all, thought I'd stop by. feels good to be back, but reminds me....need to get one of my Ukes sent to me ASAP! been several months and I'm afraid I'll start to forget how to play! LOLoLOL!!!!
  7. rayray

    Slotted or Slanted???

    I have this idea of a custom I wanted built, the problem is I cant decide on which headstock to use, slotted or slanted, suggestions?
  8. rayray

    any Sonny D uke players...

    just wondering what kind of strings you use or think sound best for this make....Mahalos!
  9. rayray

    The Police/Sting

    does anyone know any police songs/tabs?
  10. rayray

    IZ's uke

    this one caught my eye and been tryin to figure out who made it for a while,does anyone know who made iz's ukulele,the one on the back of his first album?(not a martin)