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    You’re never too old to learn!

    I've gone through everything you have. I use a strap, also mostly side of index nail to strum. There are so many techniques. Others have mentioned Matt Stead. I've looked at him and others. Chord changing is just going to be practice, practice, practice. Go really slow to learn how to do it...
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    You’re never too old to learn!

    That's what I'm still trying to figure out. What constitutes "sloppy " technique? I'm been working at this for years and just don't feel I've progressed after years. I think my practice is too scattershot
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    Flat vs. Radiused Fretboards

    Yeah I love that headstock
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    You’re never too old to learn!

    Welcome! I glad you found one that really spoke to you. You'll stick with the playing more. I love my cedar low g.
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    It's almost time to: PLAY BALL! Predict your team's record for this year

    I'm watching my Warriors crash and burn after last year's championship. I'm not even sure they'll make the play in at this point. Stanford women lost too which kills. I guess I have to find someone else to cheer for. Is this a new sub forum? I don't remember it popping up before
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    got Hawaiian shirts?

    That would be a great show! Blues uke sounds great.
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    Bluegrass Ukulele

    Love Bury Me... as well. Hoping I got this transposition right. Still working on the playing
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    Interval training by ear

    Thanks. Great description!
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    Interval training by ear

    Thanks so much That makes more sense. I thought it would be whole steps so going F, G, A, B, C... No # or b. So finishing the ascending scale in F it would be XX10 (F), XX13 (G), XXX0 (A), XXX1 (Bb), XXX3(C), XXX5(D), XXX6(E), XXX8 (F) ? Just drop the # and b? I I was reading that ascending...
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    Interval training by ear

    For all of you music theory people: I'm trying to learn ear training with Jim DeVille. I'm trying to do interval training. I was looking at a test sheet from one week and something didn't make sense. In key of F, A perfect 4 ascending was written as XX11. shouldn't it be XX12? Things are making...
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    What's for dinner?

    I hear the word tapanade and it twists in my head to tamponade which is a cardiac condition Tonight's dinner was a baked potato with cabbage, salsa, avocado, and a sprinkling of cheese on top. Dessert was a chocolate cookie.
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    Almond Chocolate Croissants

    Do you deliver?
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    Why are people so afraid of Music Theory?

    This. I'm trying to make sure I learn the fretboard and I'm trying to listen bear and play by number to get better at transposing keys. Beth that I don't want to study a whole bunch of scales and try to read the tiny print on sheet music. I want to play the uke not have homework after my job
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    Bluegrass Ukulele

    Thanks for sharing both! Are you using reentrant uke for Rose? I've been trying to figure out flat picking and Carter picking using low g GCAE tuning. Any tips or a place to go for any? I've mostly been using Aaron Keim.
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    Bluegrass Ukulele

    I'd love to figure the flatpicking for uke. I just tried to do one song with it transposing a guitar song to uke, and it took me forever to do it. I'm still trying to get it up to speed to make sure that I have it even close.
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    Americana Ukulele

    Yeah the slide did kinda look like fun. I might try the course too because the other 4 really interest me. Haven't found much else out there besides Aaron Keim's.
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    iPad update

    If they weren't so bloody expensive I'd get one because it like the large 12.9" size. I just use a dirt cheap Fire that I side loaded Google play into so I can get better apps. Can't find anything bigger than 10" and I'm not paying laptop prices for a tablet. Maybe when I win the lottery lol...
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    Voice coach

    Thanks Nickie. I keep getting scared off singing. I live in a condo and feel uncomfortable opening my throat so I don't have the neighbors hearing.
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    Bluegrass Ukulele

    For low g just flip 3 and 4 strings?