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    odd phenomenon

    i purchased a pono MCD over 5 years ago. it played with a very muted sound. the strings got changed multiple times to no effect and ultimately i put worth browns back on. i tried to get on with the instrument at different times over the years and the same thing, a very quiet type of concert...
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    For sale Pono mahogany concert deluxe

    not played much in nice condition. looks new but examine photos and make your own determination. gloss. comes with oahu hard case. $300. plus shipping. pics by email. please reply by email.
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    tenor scale sizes

    okay all youse pickers and strummers. what is the difference between say a normal 17" scale tenor and the same construction in 19"? the larger instrument has a somewhat more amplified sound?
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    a thick soundboard

    has anyone had success with heavier soundboards, and whatever your observations are if you did.
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    Fluke concert ukulele

    very nice instrument, good playing and cosmetic condition, australian hoop pine top, just one too many things around. $115. shipped. pics by email. please don't bother me if you are not serious. charlie9g at SOLD
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    finger picks

    i would like to try these especially having sore fingertips from work. any recommendations?
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    low string on a tenor scale

    how far below low G can a wound string be reliably tuned to?
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    fret wire

    what size fret wire is everyone using?
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    finish ideas

    i need some input on how to finish my production. our shop has sprayed a lot of lacquer over the years, it became a mania really, and things changed in my old age. if there was ever one to build a finish too many mils, it was me. i have gone half native now and produced my last kitchen with a...
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    douglas fir soundboards

    anyone with experience either building or playing, please explain the characteristics.
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    multi piece top

    iirc on southcoast site there was some discussion on 2 piece being the proper acoustics for ukulele. i have a lot of stock that won't make tenor size in 2 pieces. is there any sense or precedence for 3 or 4 piece tops, just the glue joints and no backer strips, or perhaps with very light backer...
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    shop conditions

    what humidity levels should be maintained? my shop goes from about 20% in the winter, it's the basement of a wood heated house and thus dry, stays in the 30% to 40% range in spring and fall, and is 70% and higher in the summer. i haven't tried dehumidification. it's 900 sq. ft. with an 8'...
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    upper bout vs. lower bout

    your thoughts please on this matter. what does the upper bout bring to the table? it seems the lower does the heavy lifting. on that subject, what do you think about the super size trend and making instruments an inch or so wider than usual? if you went in the other direction and made an...
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    it looks like there are plenty of yankee ways to get around this purchase but i am tempted to surrender the cash. my first builds will be a concert and a tenor. i measured off a pono concert and it looks like they compensated 3/32". i'm always compensating for some lack or other so i'll go...
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    small planes

    hope the pic loaded. went into harbor freight today and got this made in india set for $10. plus tax. i wanted something to shave braces with although a gouge or chisel with a good edge would do as well. as shown, 2 3/4" planes with 1/2" blades, trimming plane, scraper plane, and bullnose...
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    the band aid

    i notice that some makers eliminate the back up strip that is glued behind the soundboard middle joint. how important is it to have this joint backed up? the normal woodwork i have done is with much thicker billets with ample glue surface and no back up strip necessary. if the strip can be...
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    dense wood species

    the recent cites discussion got me thinking about this. heavy wood species make great instruments, notoriously rosewood, certainly ebony, osage orange, the whole lot of them. then on the other hand walnut has been used very successfully and walnut is a very medium weight wood. my feeling is...
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    two best and worst things in the shop

    there is magic in the things that dry and set up, for a woodworker it's glue and finish, and construction in general you have concrete and mortar, tar and adhesives. for the potential of great joy or great misery we have glue and finish. normal production woodworkers, luthiers here won't...
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    neck stability

    string tension increases with longer scale, the question is where you would feel better with a carbon fiber insert or truss rod. would this be a tenor size, or going to baritone size, or...??
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    ukulele thickness design study

    will see if the pic loads. okay. this is a design study for the cigar box ukes i will be building. the thicker one is 2 1/4", same dimension on the neck, just under a soprano width. and the thinner is the 1 7/8" violin depth recommended by tom parse in a recent thread. i have grown too used to...