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    pink panther/ super mario bros. talent show preformance

    a couple of things that need to be said: skip two minutes in, i was having technical difficulties. my mom is the one filming so please excuse her cheering drowning me out a couple of times. and lastly, i know i suck at harmonics, so please don't point it out. Enjoy and let me know what you think!
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    I need low g tabs pretty please

    just made the switch to low g and i can't find any tabs that would work with that. if anyone has any good tab websites for low G tuning i would be very happy indeed. . .
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    homemade ukulele case

    hey everyone, just to let you know, i am incredibly cheap. so instead of getting a case for my new lanikai curly-koa tenor, i took the box and the foam wrapping it came with, snagged some duck tape, packaging tape, cation tape, velcro, and an old coat hanger and made this thing. let me know what...
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    uke dating advice

    anyone got any suggestions for impressing a girl on a date with a ukulele?
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    the shiny side of the ukulele

    hey everyone! as i've been playing on different ukes, i've noticed one thing that keeps happening. the top part of the body on the bottom side of the fretboard always seems to get shiny and/or greasy where my fingers have rubbed it while i'm strumming. is this a problem? i only care because it...
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    My first on stage preformance, "i'm yours"

    I preformed this on stage about a year ago as my first on-stage preformance. if you can't tell, i was too nervous to sing the song myself, and i may have messed up a couple times, but the girls singing kind of saved my life. tell me what you think about it.
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    The molarity song

    i made this with a couple of my friends, and even though our timing is terrible, i thought i'd share it with you. (and let me know if this video link even works)
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    How much to install a pickup?

    I have a Lanikai tenor and would like to install a pickup, can anyone venture a guess as to how much that would be?
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    Are Lanikai CK-T solid or (veneir? vineer? vinier?) koa wood?

    Hey everyone i got a lanikai CK-T and at first i though it was a solid koa wood body but my friend says it is vinier, which i guess is basically just a thin layer of koa on each side with plywood glued between them. now i'm really confused about my uke as well as how to spell vineir ( vin-eer)...
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    hey everyone i've been playing since january and been in the underground for a while i just never formally introduced myself. just a bit about me, I'm from gilbert AZ and am a junior in high school. i started a ukulele club and am doing my best to learn and teach the ukulele to everyone i...
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    Livin' in the edge by aerosmith chord help

    does anyone know the chords to "livin' on the edge" by aerosmith? i've mostly figured out the picking but i can't figure out the chords to go with it. any help would be great, thanks!