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  1. ancient

    Why does a soprano have less frets?

    I love my Anuenue Soprano Koa Bird. I play Classical music on it and need the extra frets above the 12th fret. every note has a beautiful bell like quality.
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    Kanile'a New Models Unveiling Saturday, January 14, 2023

    I have never been happy with the Kanilea sound. strange braces. I think I will stick with a uke what has more traditional braces. Kanilea ukes are to pricey for what you get. I like my Kamaka,KoAloha,and Anuenue ukuleles so much better.
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    Dead Spots

    You might try tuning a half step down and see if that changes the dead spots. My ukes seem to sound better to me at G# instead of A. Going a whole step down from standard tuning also sounds better on some ukes.
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    Reno uke fest 2022

    I noticed when you select tickets for the festival that you have to be fully vaccinated for Covid in order to attend.
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    Tenor Ukuleles - When, How & Why?

    as a musician and uke player I believe it may be best to have at least one uke of each size. A soprano,concert,tenor and baritone. depending on the music or the piece you are playing one uke may be better for the job. A lot of the classical and renaissance and lute music have stretches that can...
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    Klassical on Kamaka

    What strings are you using on the Kamaka?
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    Kanilea String Discussion - Best Sound

    I have a Kanilea Diamond Tenor and have been through all the different string brands. I can’t find any strings that sound good on it. I have left the Worth CT set on the uke. No string set seems to bring out the sound. The uke seems to hold most of the sound inside and doesn’t project it out of...
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    Renaissance Guitar resources?

    Check out the books by Andrea Gaudette
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    Annie's Song - Instrumental - Godin MultiUke Unplugged

    What strings are you using on the Godin uke?
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    At what age did you get your first uke?

    i Got my first uke at age 5. It was a plastic uke with the Arthur Godfrey chord attachment. that didn’t last long because I took it off of the uke and threw it in the toy box. Then learned on my own. loved that uke and used to sit on the steps of my apartment building and serenade everyone...
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    What happened to all of the wood hard cases?

    I only use a Gig Bag for temporary transport to a Gig. To me that is what they are designed for. At home it goes in a good hard shell is questionable why a uke maker would sell an expensive uke with a gig bag instead of a case.
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    Kanile’a 2022 Platinum

    I am not making any predictions. I wish them the best success in every possible way. they have two wonderful parents that have brought them up and given them a good education. I am sure that mom and poppa are extremely proud of them. they will work it out in their own way. By the way I am sure...
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    Kanile’a 2022 Platinum

    In The 1970s while working at a music store I heard about a Spanish guitar shop that went through a bad time. I won’t say which one. The son took over after his father died and he cared more for hand made Italian leather shoes, custom suits and expensive cars. The guitars at time became...
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    Kanile’a 2022 Platinum

    I just wish then the best and hope it works out for them.
  15. ancient

    Kanile’a 2022 Platinum

    I just wish them the best. Hope it works out for them.
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    Kanile’a 2022 Platinum

    With the sons in charge the company is about to go over the edge of the cliff.too bad.
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    Kanile'a's Super Bowl LVI 2022 Commercial

    Just somehow seems like the wrong market for ukulele advertising. Too commercial. a lot of money to throw away. Wish Kanilea the best but we will see what happens.
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    Kanile'a's Super Bowl LVI 2022 Commercial

    I would think that if it is true about the cost of the Kanilea add that that money would be better spent on uke programs in schools and education and Ukes for Seniors. What a waste if it’s true.
  19. ancient

    "K" Brand or aNueNue?

    I don’t like bridge pins on a uke. The Koaloha is my first choice. They just seem to radiate happiness. then a Kamaka would be my second choice. The Kanilea sound is quite different . I think because of the bracing pattern the sound can’t quite make it out of the uke. If that was changed the...
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    Humidifier placement question

    I use the Oasis humidifier in the sound hole and a humidifier made from a 35mm film container with holes punched in the top and a small sponge inside. I just put it in around the headstock and neck of the uke. Works great for me.