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  1. Samjamesrolfe

    A string buzz

    Help! I am getting buzzing on the A string of my uke. Ive put new strings on it and its just started. I thought maybe as the string was thinner it was vibrating in the slot so padded it with paper and its still buzzing. It buzzes on all of the frets pretty much. Ive checked for loose frets...
  2. Samjamesrolfe

    Chord Families

    Hi I am hoping someone can help me with my question on Chord familes. I know about the 1 4 5 Major 2 3 6 minor for major chord families. This doesnt appear to apply for minor chord families? Or does it? I was looking at Dm chord families and if you apply that formula you end up with D...
  3. Samjamesrolfe

    Learning Scales

    Hi everyone Does anyone know of any useful tips for learning scales. I know C, G and D but is it just a case and working through and learning them all or is there a short-cut as its quite time consuming!