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  1. mjh42

    Fluke of a different color

    Something to suggest. Special runs of so many instrument bodies in a specific color. Could even survey protentional buyers and see what colors would be most likely wanted. Put out some color plates on the website. IF money is made.......try a another color.......not unusual for special...
  2. mjh42

    NUD Godin Multiuke

    I pretty much run my Godin through a Fishman Platinum Pro all the time adjusting to get the tone I want and they slight adjustments on the instrument as wanted for a particular song or volume adjustment. I haven't really spent any time with string changes although I do have some Thomastik and...
  3. mjh42

    Holy CRAP...This uke is so beautiful I just about had a heart attack and died

    Somebody thought it looked and sounded good enough to buy. I like good looking to me and good sounding ukes. But I'm not sure I would pay that kind of money even if I did have the money. Maybe for something custom made? Mango tastes, looks, and sounds delicious.
  4. mjh42

    All solid rosewood ukuleles

    I imagine any uke made by Kinnard would sound pretty good or better. I know the one Kinnard I got the chance to play was certainly better than pretty good. The Palo escrito is sure nice looking.
  5. mjh42

    What did you do today? Anything hobby-related.

    Dang---dealing with string breakage. I have a nice resonator uke. The tailpiece broke and while the maker is working on a replacement I was sent a temporary/prototype tailpiece. Also while having to deal with the repairs I decided to put on a low g string set. The g and C strings are...
  6. mjh42

    Fluke on eBay

    Interesting. I don't shop ebay much. Every changing on price and shipping......nope not that interested. Sure you post at a price and it doesn't sell you might just be asking too much. If you want to sell maybe try lowering the price. I could see shipping being more the further one...
  7. mjh42

    Fluke on eBay

    When I read the listing just a few minutes ago under Shipping and Handling it says: "Ships to: Will arrange for local pickup only (no shipping)." Perhaps you are referencing another posting?? Shipping is costly these day's none the less.
  8. mjh42

    Distressed finishes: getting out of hand?

    My brother has an mid '80's KOA Gibson Explorer the former owner did some "relicing" to it, certainly didn't increase the value of that guitar. Not my thing. Certainly honest wear and age will show on an instrument, but no, buy new on purpose, nope.
  9. mjh42

    To the more experienced players - Have you held onto your first ukulele?

    I didn't vote, but yes I still have my first uke. I play it regularly, travel with it, let other people use it. Yes I have bought a few other ukes over the years they are all a little different. Enough variety to keep it interesting.
  10. mjh42

    New bande from tahiti

    Well done......I actually like it...... Drop the hoods and masks......... Yea I know it's a modern thing....... but............ If yea got the chops........yea aught to be able to show your face.........
  11. mjh42

    What did you do today? Anything hobby-related.

    Changed the A string on my Tele uke this am while still in my jammies...... I was a little hard on the strings last night while making noise during my end of the week turn it up loud "relaxation" session. Today more subdued playing on tap.....maybe....
  12. mjh42

    Gigbag for thin body electric tenors?

    I bought hard cases for my Risa and Godin. Take measurements and shop around. Perhaps one of the known shops can help you source something. They work with the ukes and accessories everyday. Should be something out there. Maybe you'll need to add a little foam padding here and there. I...
  13. mjh42

    Fanner Pixelator Thinline Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

    Now you've done it.......what just happened to the waitlist/delivery time from Fanner :cool: While I have been happy with my Risa Tele........I think your pretty spot on with your comments and observations on the Fanner........ Thanks for the Review.
  14. mjh42

    Acoustic electric ukulele questions

    Seems like with your intended use an amplified ukulele would be a reasonable option. An amplifier for acoustics or an amp with an acoustic setting and a good clean channel should allow to increase the volume and projection of your ukulele without changing the overall sound you wish to have...
  15. mjh42

    Make a profound ukulele statement

    'nuthing left to do but smile, smile, smile........
  16. mjh42

    Amplifier 101

    Don't forget the Yamaha amps for home and practice....they seem nice as well. An online vendor like Sweetwater will have dozens of amps you can read about and listen to. Can be a bit overwhelming at times. Then if you can find a local store to go out and try a few. I've played through 5w...
  17. mjh42

    First Car

    Well my son totaled his first car just a couple of weeks ago. It was a fantastic Subaru Impreza. We got it an on OK price. No deals these days. But it was a 2019 with less than 10,000 when bought and less than 17000miles when totaled. Accident not his fault and no one injured. Airbags...
  18. mjh42

    Blackbird Clara- or-??

    Get the Clara add grip strips from Magic Fluke. Certainly not sand paper.
  19. mjh42

    Spruce-top before/new VS after/aged?

    Brand New May 2017 Today Feb 2023 Here's my Magic Fluke with a solid spruce top. Lighting not as good in first photo. In my opinion the finish on the wood is light. The dark streak has been there since the beginning. There is a ding above the dark streak. I think the surface has aged...
  20. mjh42

    What is your dream uke, what’s the “best” one you’ve played, and what uke has surprised you?

    A Kinnard is the best uke I have ever played. A long neck soprano. Should have bought it right then and there. But with a kid wanting to go to summer camp and the 3k+ price....well...... So I suppose the dream uke would be a Kinnard. Most surprising was the first time I picked up a Tenor...