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  1. rustydusty

    Holy CRAP...This uke is so beautiful I just about had a heart attack and died

    I must say, that’s not working for me either. What I find gorgeous are the all rosewood ukes in a previous thread. Either way, there are lots of other things that I need or want to spend 8k on…
  2. rustydusty

    Harping Again

    Spent about four hours yesterday in “Secret Sounds Studio”, recording all the harmonica parts. Some songs I did three different recordings with different types of harmonicas, such as “blues harp”, “chromatic harmonica”, and “tremolo harmonicas”, giving the producer and our band leader choices...
  3. rustydusty

    All solid rosewood ukuleles

    Okay, now that’s an awesome ukulele!
  4. rustydusty

    Why is the use of straps more contentious in the uke community than with other fretted instruments?

    Here I sit broken hearted, Dropped my uke and barely started If I’d worn my strap today, My fubar uke would continue to play…
  5. rustydusty


    It was my wife’s idea to give each other ebike kits for Christmas a few years ago. She tried one on a business trip and really enjoyed it…
  6. rustydusty

    The Bridge Thread

    I never really looked at it that way. I just think it is kinda cool, different…
  7. rustydusty

    Baritone Uke - neck issues

    I have several baritone ukes and have never had a neck issue. My Caramel baritone has an adjustable truss rod…
  8. rustydusty

    Wooden bridge pin keeps popping out

    The biggest problem with pin bridges on ukes is the small selection of beaded strings to choose from. I would recommend checking out beaded sets for “classical” guitars…
  9. rustydusty

    Play that uke!

    Occasionally I will pick up a uke that doesn’t get much play, and quickly realize why that’s the case… The ukes I do prefer are upgrades that sound better and are more comfortable play…
  10. rustydusty

    Distressed finishes: getting out of hand?

    Now that’s incredible patina!
  11. rustydusty

    Distressed finishes: getting out of hand?

    Anyone who plays a uke could figure out how to “patina” an instrument just by looking at how you hold it and play it. Lots of old instruments I’ve seen have “pick” wear under the sound hole (unless it’s got a pick guard) maybe where you rest your arm, dings around the body and corners of the...
  12. rustydusty

    Distressed finishes: getting out of hand?

    I would be interested to know if they actually sold any of those. I can’t imagine anyone thinking that that’s patina…
  13. rustydusty

    Random silly thought of mine

    Acting my age…
  14. rustydusty


    You could put a ski where the front wheel goes, maybe “stud” the back tire…
  15. rustydusty


    I also built an e-bike for my wife…
  16. rustydusty


    And if that isn’t enough, I fire up my 1960 BSA “bobber”… 😃
  17. rustydusty


    I built my e-bike a couple of years ago with a “Retrospec” 7 speed beach cruiser and a 52v 1000w Voilamart front hub kit. Lots of fun here on the island where I live, and of course I ride it to the beach…
  18. rustydusty

    Fluke on eBay

    I recently ordered a custom made motorcycle seat on EBay that is coming from India. $81.00 with free shipping. If it actually costs $80.00 to ship something from that part of the world, then I guess they are only making a dollar…
  19. rustydusty

    Fluke on eBay

    I find that a lot of bargain priced deals on line will have extremely high shipping fees. They lure you in with a low price then make up the difference with bogus shipping costs. Once you add them together, it’s not a bargain at all. So many other places offer free shipping and the price you see...
  20. rustydusty

    Distressed finishes: getting out of hand?

    Ya wanna see some real patina? Check out Willie Nelson’s guitar… I pride myself in keeping my instruments in the best playable condition. This includes set up, strings and cleanliness. Sure, I have some instruments with dings, but I also have some that are 20+ years old that are almost “mint”...