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  1. AndrewKuker

    TUS/HMS Communication Issue Resolved by Andrew

    I don’t think so. Aaron’s been a good customer and is open to being one again. That’s the people that keep us alive as a business. And we are here for him with any issues along the way and hope to help again and give him positive experiences. Enough people have experienced our support to keep us...
  2. AndrewKuker

    TUS/HMS Communication Issue Resolved by Andrew

    I apologize Aaron. I try my best to run a business that is responsive and I apologize for falling short there. Joel is more than full time nothing but answering emails and calls and it’s half the time from Veronica and Corey. Tobias gets paid to run our Instagram and it is remote but it’s quite...
  3. AndrewKuker

    What’s the average age here at UU Poll

    Our largest demo is surprisingly in the 25-34yr range. But the best customers are atleast 50. They're more free.
  4. AndrewKuker

    Adjustable action

    I give Luis the freedom to do whatever he wants on custom for us and this is one on the way, thought it was kind of interesting. We used to carry Babicz guitars that had a similar system but this is the first I've seen on uke.
  5. AndrewKuker

    CITES Update

    :eek:CITES Update:eek: More than 250 species including commercial Rosewood and Bubinga! Somebody give me some good news. I see fire hoop jumping into a sea of paperwork in my future.
  6. AndrewKuker


    This is a response to a “offensive comment..” thread. I realize it might not be good form to start a thread about one that was shut down but I just saw it, and it was about something I wrote so I wanted to respond. My sincerest apologies for using an offensive term. I didn’t realize. I don’t...
  7. AndrewKuker

    Job setting up ukes

    We are looking to expand our uke setup team and would like to find someone with at least some experience and passion toward this instrument and work. We're on Oahu and it would start with a trial period but if you're interested email me at or call (808)781-9168 for...
  8. AndrewKuker

    The True Cost?

    I recently watched an interesting documentary called The True Cost ( It deals with the clothing industry where the current trends are driving big corporations to outsource their products to the factory that can make them at the lowest cost. The movie raises the question of...
  9. AndrewKuker

    Ervin Somogyi on voicing

    I enjoyed these thoughts at Ervin Somogyi's blog recently. Thought I'd share-
  10. AndrewKuker

    Uke on a cruise ship

    Well I think it's a dumb rule. There's noise everywhere. They have house music blasting on huge speakers all over the place. In your room you can crank the television and my son walks around with his iPad turned up wherever we let him. This isn't a relaxing seniors cruise. Children are running...
  11. AndrewKuker

    Uke on a cruise ship

    Me and my wife are gong on a disney cruise with the kiddies and I just found out last minute that they don’t allow musical instruments. Honestly I would not have agreed to do this if I knew. Vacation and playing uke have always been synonymous for me. When I am home, work and family consume my...
  12. AndrewKuker

    Laminates and Humidity

    I have addressed this in some of our materials and will continue to re think how we deal with these issues and educate our customers, but I just wanted to post it here as well for those that do not know. During the winter time, if you heat your house, it gets extremely dry. While a laminate...
  13. AndrewKuker

    Interview w/Pepe Romero/ James Hill/ Brad Bordessa

    So I thought this was cool- Article here-
  14. AndrewKuker

    Guide to Vacationing in Hawaii - Walt Disney Style

    Not sure why I'm posting this here- maybe the 3 string uke that sounds like a slide guitar… gotta find that one!
  15. AndrewKuker

    This Wicked Wahine stopped by...

    ….and asked Corey to play her uke. I filmed….
  16. AndrewKuker

    Maui Ukulele Festival

    This Sunday October 12. Taimane, Brittni, Raiatea, Willie K, Paula Fuga, and a bunch of other great musicians. You still got time to book a flight! Hope to see you there:cool:
  17. AndrewKuker

    Blackbird -Kathryn Bostic w/ Abe Lagrimas Jr.

    so nice......
  18. AndrewKuker

    Pono Pro Classic Price Adjustment Issue

    I am writing this here and will send emails as well within a few days, but I wanted to preemptively address this issue. My dad runs Ko'olua and Pono Ukulele. I do not. I run a music store that buys Pono, just like any other music store (dealer). Until recently, the Pro Classic line was...
  19. AndrewKuker

    Ukulele Picnic

    It's tomorrow...Just in case you hadn't seen it advertised, or forgot, and are on Oahu... It's gonna be a good one! Abe, Kalei, Taimane, Kris, Herb and bunches of great uke players from around the world. Booths from all the K brands and other builders. If you come, stop by our booth and say hi.
  20. AndrewKuker

    Schaller GrandTune

    Wondering if anyone has tried these new tuners from Schaller - LINK "With its cutting edge Velvet-Tec* technology..." lol, marketing department went to town on these, but they look really nice....