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    Searching for opinions about the lute-ukulele

    Dear friends Hello again after a long absence - I am back to the forum. Today I want to ask a question: does any of you have any opinions about the lute-ukulele? I have found an Irish shop that sells them. Years ago I considered this instrument but I did not get one, afraid that it might be...
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    Bach Cello Suite No. 4 (complete) for low-G ukulele

    Herewith a link to my publishinhg website for this piece, arranged whole in tab for low-G.
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    Bach Cello Suite No. 6 full version for ukulele low-G

    Dear friends As you know I have been working on the cello suites 2 and 6 by J.S. Bach. The separate movements are available for free (see the tabs section). Now here I provide a link to my sales website, where you can find the 6th suite typeset for performance in a friendly tab only format...
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    Low G wound string for soprano uke

    Hello I would like to do an experiment, namely to put a guitar wound D string to my soprano uke and tune it low G, see if I get brighter sound than with myWorth low G brown. I have a spare D'Addario D .029" normal tension siverwound from my classical guitar in the toolbox... Has someone tried...
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    New composition for ukulele - Erinnerung, bu UkeJordi

    Dear friends: I present my new composition for low-G ukulele, titled Erinnerung: As a bonus I have made an arrangement for piano of the same piece, which is also here: Kind regards Jordi
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    UkeJordi practice video - Bach Prelude BWV1007

    I present my first video, not as a finished performance but as the record of a practice. It is an attempt to play the incomparable arrangement written by UkeVal for low-G ukulele, using my old reliable Mainland Concert uke. This was enhanced by impromptu accompaniment of my budgies Josquin...
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    Baritone ukilele for Renaissance and Baroque music

    Time to get a new uke. What would be an affordable (regular high-quality rather than super high-end) baritone ukilele for Renaissance and Baroque music, able to capture the atmosphere of music originally written for the lute? And what strings?
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    De Profundis Clamavi by Josquin Desprez

    Herwewith the arrangement for low-G ukulele of this piece composed by Josquin.
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    New arrangement: Marin Marais - La Rêveuse (Arranged for low G ukulele by Jordi)

    Dear Friends I post link to my new arrangement of Marin Marais - La Rêveuse, for low G uke. Regards Jordi
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    Happy holodays to all ukers from Jordi

    Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New Year 2015. I have posted in the Links and Videos section my musical Christmas present for all of you. Go snap it while you can! Jordi
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    A christmas present from Jordi - Miguel de Fuenllana: guitar music (for low-G uke)

    Dear ukulele friends To celebrate Christmas, I send you a special present. This links points to an e-book, available for free, containing the complete music for guitar by Miguel de Fuenllana, published in 1554 in a book titled Orphenica Lyra. I have consulted the original source (in facsimile)...
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    Some more Renaissance music for low-G ukulele

    Hello Continuing on the theme of music from the jolly 1550's, I post the links of some more arreangements for low-G ukulele that I have just made: 1) Adrian Le Roy - Fantasias Nos. 1 and 2 for Renaissance Guitar 2) Albert de Rippe - Fantasia...
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    Gregoire Brayssing - Six Fantasias (re-intabulated for low-G ukulele)

    Herewith the six fantasias by Gregoire Brayssing (originally written for Four-course Renaissance guitar) in modern notation, accompanied by tab for the low-G ukulele. The music is directly re-intabulated from the original source: Quart Livre de Tabulature de Guiterre, Adrian Leroy & Robert...
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    Trying to figure-out Renaissance 4-course guitar tablatures

    Iam preparing a special arrangement for tenor ukulele of some 16th century Brayssing pieces for Renaissance guitar written in French tablature. I have noticed that in the ancient edition that I am using, some of the letters on the tab staff have a little dot under them. Does somebody know what...
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    Three new Renaissance and Classical ukulele arrangements from UkeJordi

    Dear ukers I have posted in my ScoreExchange sale page 3 new arrangements for low-G ukulele: Beethoven - Ich Liebe Dich Adrian Le Roy - Tourdion Adrian Le Roy - Prelude...
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    Request advice for ukulele tuner (accurate and that does not eat-up batteries)

    Please could somebody advise on a good ukulele tuner? I presently have the Snark SN-6 but i am not at all happy with it. It's a good tuner but my unit has a fatal problem: it literally devours batteries, and the problem is getting worse, a bran new quality CR2032 only lasts a few days (and i...
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    New arrangement by UkeJordi: Anton Bruckner - Locus Iste (for low-G ukulele)

    I never thought I would end arranging something by Bruckner (my favourite composer) for ukulele but here it is. It's actually quite easy to play. Kind regards Jordi
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    Jordi's first video (John Dowland's What if a Day arr. Jamie Holding)

    A little video of myself practising the song "What if a day" by John Dowland with my ukulele. Admittedly a long way from playing it properly, but I am working on it. The arrangement is by Jamie Holding, to which I have added my own ornaments. The ukulele is a Mainland soprano red cedar with...
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    Baroque ornaments

    Does anybody know of an online resource or other material teaching how to play trills, tremolos, slides, appogiaturas and other classical/baroque ornaments on the ukulele? Thanks Jordi
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    Help - Bach Chaconne from Violin Partita No 2 version for ukulele

    I am looking for a tab for this piece, to save me having to transcribe it myself. Does anyone know if it is available? Thanks Jordi