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    Another Moore Bettah Uke

    I have no relationship to the seller or the instrument. However many of us enjoy Moore Bettah ukes. Music Emporium has one listed It's cute with it's feet shaped cutouts. Enjoy :-)
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    Charity Auction for Reforestation

    The Charity Auction for Kanile'a Willie K Iʻiwi Honi Koa Super Tenor is available for auction on HMS to raise monies for a reforestation project. They've set the initial price at $14,975.00 and it appears there's no bids :-( Here's hoping someone has the funds and bids. (It's out of my league)...
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    Any words of advice. I'm going to try to sell a couple of ukuleles on Reverb. The same would be for the Ukulele Flea Market So far I've only purchased through Reverb. Of course I'll post here also. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Uke Dimensions

    Does anyone know the width, depth of the Martin Concerts. And for other brands how deep are these? Info on the Martins would be most appreciated. I think I need to adjust how I play but I'm finding playing on thinner instruments more comfortable. I tend to "feel it" in my right forearm. The...
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    WTB Style 2 or 3 Martin Concert

    WTB Style 2 or 3 Martin Concert. Please PM. Thanks
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    WTB style 2 or 3 Martin concert. Please PM me. Thanks
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    Happy Birthday Chord Melody

    I am hoping to play a chord melody version of Happy Birthday (for my 3 year old niece )for next Saturday. Any help would be appreciated
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    Martin Style 2 Tenor Vs Martin IZ Tenor

    For some time I've been mulling over about the Martin Tenor. I do have a style 2 Soprano which I love. I don't own either a Martin Style 2 Mahogany Tenor Martin or an IZ Commemorative Tenor. But I wonder do they sound different? For those of you with either, videos or link most welcome. And...
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    Ukulele Friend

    Firstly, I have no connection with Ukulele Friend website. But I wanted to let the forum know Shawn is having a sale on some of the ukuleles. They're beautiful instruments in every way.
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    I'm trying again. :-)
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    Experiences Selling on Consignment

    This is a vent post. And perhaps I should chalk it up to my ignorance of what maybe normal business practices. I recently sold a ukulele to a seller that was to go for consignment and was wondering about others experiences. What led me to write was my negative experience of telling myself it’s...
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    No longer available 0

    His website is still working Dirk's wife may respond to your request.
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    Strings for an Octave apart on E and A

    I want change the strings on an 8 string ukulele. Rather than just an Octave apart on the G and C strings also have an Octave apart on the E and A. So the E and A strings would not be strung in unison. I'm okay with wound or unwound strings. Are there any suggestions of what strings to try...
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    FS Cali Pineapple

    More photos
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    FS Cali Pineapple

    I am selling a Cali Pineapple for $450. It's a tenor body but a concert scale. I have found pineapples are not me. It doesn't get played. I will be at the NJ Uke Fest this Saturday and will be bringing it with me. If someone is interested in it please let me know. Hopefully someone will be...
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    Finish question

    On an already finished ukulele, can a gloss lacquer finish be added to the spray lacquer finish. Of course the finish would be sanded before adding the new coat. My purpose is to change the finish from satin to gloss.
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    WTB Tenor Godin OR Ovation Electric

    Hi I'm interested in buying Either a Godin Multiuke or the Ovation Tenor preferably with the Cutaway and Design around the multiple sound holes. Please PM. Thanks
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    When is a Mandolin a Ukulele

    I've been interested in 8 String Ukuleles. My question is when is a Mandolin an 8 String Ukulele. I'm not sure if a Mandola is a Ukulele and is it different from a Mandolele? Comments welcome as ignorance is not bliss :-)
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    Easy Song Books for Young Kids... ?

    We use Alfred’s Kid’s Ukulele Course
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    Favorite Soundboard / Tonewoods

    Seeing the thread about beautiful Tonewoods for mango gave me the idea to ask what's your favorite top/back and sides. My favorite tops are either Sinker Redwood OR Koa As for back and sides, I'm open to anything that looks beautiful and they all look great :-). That being said when it comes to...