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    New Pono Master Series Tenors

    Cedar/rosewood. That’s my dream combo.
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    New Pono Master Series Tenors

    Well, I drank he koolaid . . . ordered a bari. I'll check back in once it arrives, waiting now for the set-up. And I will report the buying experience was delightful. I had a few questions and called. Had great conversations. Just reconfirmed how good of an outfit TUS is. I'm thankful such...
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    Martin Premium Tenor Strings

    I like em too. ive tried them on a koaloha, Kamoa, and currently have them on my vita uke. I too like the touch they provide. I thought they were pretty good on my koaloha but not as good as worth clears.
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    Love the feel of a uke and the recorded sound of guitar

    That would be really interesting Brad. Funny when I hand guitar players a bari, they always keep reaching for the missing strings. This might help them get over their misgivings. As a bari player, I would find it would add a lot but find the learning curve a bit of a challenge. I've never...
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    Love the feel of a uke and the recorded sound of guitar

    Ha! I was just typing about a bari uke as TaoCat posted. The bari might give you the sound you want without having to learn new chord shapes.
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    Recording a baritone ukulele in a studio

    Quite nice. Love the tone and feel of both songs. Found myself being carried away............................
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    Sold Pono Mango Baritone, Steel string

    Hmmm. Putting classical guitar strings on it won’t hurt it but my guess is there might be issues. This article addresses them.
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    Sold Pono Mango Baritone, Steel string

    Sweet tone with a sustain that lasts all day. It comes with a hard case. You can read all about it here: It is in great shape with no scratches or dings. I have it strung with round core pyramid strings. I will use...
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    Daughter's baritone uke strings

    I too have tried a variety of bari strings. The best I’ve found are the custom set from the ukulele site. i don’t see them currently listed, but they are worth asking them about them. They have two wound and two floro strings. i like em a lot.
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    Flea Market Find

    Awesome! Love the tone of vintage bari’s. Enjoy.
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    Recommendations for baritone strings?

    I love the set put together by the ukulele site guys. Their aho set is a custom set which only they offer. However, I just went to their web page and didn’t find them listed. Hmmm. Perhaps their supply is depleted. Might be worth contacting them.
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    Have any sleeve shredder ukuleles?

    Hmmm . . . no sleeve shredders, but nail biters, I have a few. My fingernails sometimes catch on the fret ends of a couple of my ukes. Gotta figure out how to gentile file em down.
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    Budget friendly(Mid/Range) Large Body Baritone Ukelele? or Tenor Guitar (DGBE)

    I will put a vote in for an Ohana 70RB. It has a bigger body than the regular baritone, projects nicely and is in your price range. I think it hits well beyond its price point. It won't fit in a normal hard side bari case though. But it will fit in a Kala Transit or Sonoma gig bag. It has a...
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    Your Process for Learning a New Song

    How do you go about it? What's your routine? Granted, I'd say there are different levels of songs . . . some songs are the pick up a uke and play songs . . . but then there are others that require practice and improve my skills. Its these later songs I'm curious about....As a self-taught...
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    Resisting the new uke temptation

    Sometimes you have to try different trails to figure out which type of trail you prefer. Beach or mountain, waterfalls or vistas . . . At least, that's been my experience. I think my uke acquisition has been a lot like that. After 5 years of experimenting, I've zeroed in on my favorites...
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    Kala Travel Baritone and solid body

    I must admit I don’t get the idea of a travel bari. If your travel plans allow you to take a 30 inch instrument why not take a real baritone? The difference in width and weight does seem to be worth what you give up in tone. On the other hand if you really like the tone of the kala then...
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    NUD; Romero creation ST Concert

    Haven't tried to fit it in a suitcase, but will check it out.
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    NUD; Romero creation ST Concert

    Ah-yes it is the same model you saw at aloha city ukes - the under $200 one. I didn't get mine from there, but from Starlight Ukes in Portland. I don't believe they have another one....but you could email email them. They are in close contact with Pepe. Not sure where else you might find...
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    NUD; Romero creation ST Concert

    Ha! I just ordered some browns to give er a go just before I read your note. Yea!
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    NUD; Romero creation ST Concert

    Forgot to ask - what strings for GCEA do you like the best on yours. Mine actually came with the Baby Bari strings on it so I haven't played it yet in that register.