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  1. badscooter

    How to insert quote or list of ukes at end of posts

    Hi All Probably a stupid question here but can someone tell me how to make it so my posts have a little individualized snippet at the end that some members have where they've got a quote or list of their instruments in there? Thanks
  2. badscooter

    Forward leaning bridge - dealbreaker?

    Hi team I've got a Martin C1K being offered to me for about half of what they usually go for. My only reservation is that the bridge leans forward, as shown here in the pics. Otherwise it seems in tip top condition. The seller assures me that the stability of the bridge is rock solid but because...
  3. badscooter

    Low G - reading music

    Probably a silly question here: I've just got my first low g strung uke and am wondering if that changes anything for following tabs or even just reading chords. It sounds a bit off but it may just be because I'm used to the high g sound. Thanks all.
  4. badscooter

    American made affordable Martins

    Are all the lower end Martin ukes now made in Mexico? I'd love to get a Martin, maybe a CK1, but am not keen on the Mexican made ones having read quite a lot of negative feedback.
  5. badscooter

    Tuning a six string

    Hi All I just broke the bottom A string on my 6 string tenor tuning it up. Can anyone tell me, are the extra C and A strings supposed to be an octave higher or lower? Don't want to break another string. Thanks
  6. badscooter


    Greetings All A bit of a fresh ukulele addict here from Perth, Australia. Had my wedding and honeymoon in French Polynesia last year, took a ukulele lesson in Bora Bora having never even picked up a guitar before, caught the bug and now I can't get through the day without having a noodle about...
  7. badscooter

    Wanted: Solid Spalted Mango Tenor

    Love the look of the Romero Creations Replica, but they seem to be like hen's teeth. Anyone looking to sell? I'd also be grateful for any suggestions as to other solid spalted mango tenors. Thanks.