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    A few videos from NAMM

    I was only there for a short while, but had a great time. I caught a few nice moments with the phone. Here are the links: James Hill & Bakithi Kumalo Gerald Ross & Ken Middleton...
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    I have a VIP pass to Denver uke fest that I can't use.

    Hi everyone, I purchased a VIP pass to the Denver Ukulele Festival the day they went on sale, and since then, my mother has fallen seriously ill, and I will not be able to attend. Swallow Hill has told me I can sell the pass to another attendee. If there is anyone out there wanting to buy it, I...
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    Look out forthese available every month...

    Here are 3 quick photos with my phone. I will try to capture video this weekend. I love this ukulele! Thanks Pete!
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    Uke sets from The Tree quited/tortoise shell mahogany

    I have a beautiful Black Bear concert made from some very quilty mahogany--bookmatched with the most striking ripples prominently placed, and it looks and sounds great. I don't know what "tree" it came from, but it looks cool. I will try and snap a decent photo to share in a bit. Here are the...
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    Jake plays Hollywood Bowl in 1 hour!!!

    Playboy Jazz Festival--Awesome to hear ukulele is on the bill! I live across the street, so I snuck over just a bit ago and loitered backstage long enough to get my son's uke signed. Security was tight, so I didn't get to meet Jake, but his manager (who is a BABE!) came out and took the uke in...
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    Lil' Rev workshop in Hollywood, CA

    See my post in "Gigs & Shows" or PM me for details. Rev is doing a "hot licks" workshop in Hollywood this Sunday, 5/2 at 1:30 p.m. followed by a 1 hour set of music. Peace, Bill
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    Lil' Rev workshop in Hollywood, CA

    Hey everyone, I am sorry for the late notice, but Lil' Rev is going to be doing a workshop for my local ukulele club, The Jumping Flea Circus, in my back yard this Sunday afternoon. Anyone who is interested in an intermediate level "hot licks" workshop, should PM me. The workshop is $15, and...
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    Victoria Vox & Jason Arimoto in Hollywood

    Hello all, Sorry for short notice, but we have been planning a house concert, and were not sure if the weather would allow us to be in the backyard or not. The weather looks good, so we are now opening the invite to anyone on UU that might want to come out next Saturday, Oct. 24 for a potluck...
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    Help me take my uke to Australia!

    I am playing my Maui Music 8-string throughout my application for "The Best Job in the World". I mixed it way down, but there are clips of my ukulele class and me singing with my family. Enjoy! Pass it on, rate me high... Wish me...
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    Cleaning out the ukulele closet!!!

    Hey guys, I am cleaning house. I have too many great ukuleles, and some of them tell me they are sad, because they sit in the closet day-in and day-out, and only come out when we have "ukulele-company" over. So, if it wasn't in heavy rotation, it needs a new home! I will throw the whole mess...