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  1. Wildestcat

    The Three Sopranos.

    Absolutely stunning Mike!
  2. Wildestcat

    Soprano bracing?

    FWIW Mike, here is my standard soprano bracing for a 1960's Kamaka style body. Patch is 1.6 mm or thereabouts sapele taoering to nothing at the ends with a 1.6 mm top thickness. These days I always use a central fan brace having tried back to back with/without trials and decided I could not...
  3. Wildestcat

    I may have made a bad choice. Wenge wood

    Stefan Sobell builds some of the worlds very best guitars using Wenge for the necks, and in some cases the backs & sides as well. On that basis probably worth persevering? Personally I can't abide the stuff due to the aforementioned issues with splintering and workability or lack thereof!
  4. Wildestcat

    Attaching the neck....

    If you are not using a pickup with an output jack then use an endpin - the hole will still be large enough (circa 7 mm) to insert one of those super-long screwdrivers or hex keys (eBay). If you can't find one long enough for the larger size ukes they are not that difficult to extend or...
  5. Wildestcat

    Tuners for Baritone Ukulele

    Check out the full range of Der Jung ukulele tuners from Magic Guitar Parts .com.
  6. Wildestcat

    Building a String-Through Bridge

    FWIW I use pinless strings through bridges on all my soprano and concert builds, 8 string baritone and optionally on tenors and baritones (the rest have pins). I have no problems at all fishing the string ends out through the soundhole and I personally find popping on a 4 mm glass bead and...
  7. Wildestcat

    UK bandsaw blades.

    Hi Mike. I stopped using Tuffsaw blades after a string of breakages (including the M42) and switched to "Axcaliber Ground Tooth" blades from Axminster. I now wouldn't use anything else for the smaller sizes. Excellent blades in my experience. Tuffsaws also stopped producing the their "fastcut"...
  8. Wildestcat

    Epoxy pore fill, and overcoming patchy finish when sanded back.

    Hi Mike. I used to dilute the epoxy with cellulose thinners for a final coat - no particular science to my method! I just mixed up a small quantity of BSI finish cure and sloshed in enough thinners to achieve a water-like consistency. Meths also works as a solvent for uncured epoxy, so you could...
  9. Wildestcat

    Jet 10-20 conveyor won't adjust to center

    Never heard of a zerk fitting, but I just dribble some light grade lubricating oil around each end of the bush, run the belt for a while and then mop up any surplus. The most difficult one is the drive end of the front roller as you can only access one side (at least that's the case with the...
  10. Wildestcat

    Jet 10-20 conveyor won't adjust to center

    My 16-32 had the same problem with a replacement Abtec conveyor belt driving hard over to the motor side whatever I did to the adjustment. The original belt (which had worn out and wasn't gripping the workpiece) never had any issues at all and never needed adjustment. Unfortunately, reversing...
  11. Wildestcat

    Wood for build

    I would recommend high quality baltic birch ply, particularly for the tailblock. The grade sold in the UK as " 9 mm laser ply" works well and is available in small sheets. Add a hardwood veneer (leftover back/sides) to the front face for appearance . You can do the same for the headblock...
  12. Wildestcat

    Ideal Bridge Height / Ideal Saddle Slot Depth? / Ideal Saddle Clearance above Bridge? (Tenor)

    I temporarily fit the fretted neck and measure from a straight edge on top of the frets to the top of body below the saddle position. With the 5.5 mm fretboards I use together with Stewmac 147 wire, a neck set at 90 deg (or zero if you prefer) and a 21 ft radius on the top, that gap will...
  13. Wildestcat

    Vice verses Vise

    They have the Liogier hand stitched cabinet rasps back in stock ...:)
  14. Wildestcat

    Baritone uke bridge etc

    I use 14 mm between string centres, i.e. 42 mm between outer string centres. Works for me!
  15. Wildestcat

    Zero fret

    Gypsy Jazz eh! Check out Fylde Guitars Remi Harris Signature model ... Roger Bucknall has used zero frets exclusively for his entire illustrious career of building some of the best acoustic guitars for some of the best players on this planet!
  16. Wildestcat

    Ebony fretboards

    Every picture tells a story ...
  17. Wildestcat

    MISI / LR Baggs string balance

    No, I didn't extend the hole in the far end right down through the top. only enough to retain the transducer end. It is angled, so no problem to drill right through, it's just the hassle of re-threading the transducer that puts me off for now. I should have added that the saddle does meet the...
  18. Wildestcat

    Converting lumber - the ultimate high

    Just an update on the fish cutting bandsaw blades I mentioned earlier: As an alternative to the no longer available 1/2" fastcut blade I'm very pleased with them - results are at least as good if not better. I've just cut 6 x concert/tenor sets of English walnut plus 6 sapele neck blanks from...
  19. Wildestcat

    MISI / LR Baggs string balance

    I've just installed a MISI/Baggs pickup in a tenor at my customers request. The MISI has been installed exactly per the instructions, even down to the slight angle on the bottom of the (correctly fitting) saddle, and the slight extension of the end of the transducer into the end of the slot...