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  1. aaronkb

    Good Ukulele Dealers

    I’d add Hawaii Music Supply/Theukulelesite. I’d also reconsider Amazon, they don’t do anything to check the instruments…. They’re not musicians, they’re a huge company that doesn’t care at all.
  2. aaronkb

    Season 546...can we revisit Season 54?

    Your birds and your passion for them are inspiring…. I’m working on a cover that I think will put a smile on your face. It’s a tough one, hopefully I can get it done in time!
  3. aaronkb

    Season 542 - Lessons Learned

    Brian - that gave me the chills! Beautifully written and performed.
  4. aaronkb

    SOTU 543: That Building is Brill!

    Here I was thinking this was by The Beatles! Turns out it's The Shirelles.
  5. aaronkb

    Season 542 - Lessons Learned

    As usual, my 11th hour entry. This one was super tough…. My parents were visiting so I only had a couple days to arrange/practice/record, I had to learn to barre with my pinky, and my pinky knuckle crapped out right before I started recording…. Somehow I managed to come up with a take I’m happy...
  6. aaronkb

    Season 540- PUNKS NOT DEAD

    This one goes out to the very nice lady on the Ukulele Lovers Facebook page who told me I was an absolute beginner ☺️ Really enjoyed this one, thanks for the prompt!
  7. aaronkb

    Uke Armrest - Star Musicals?

    Thanks, I’ve seen a couple threads on it but not sure if they’re the same ones so I’ll check them out tomorrow!
  8. aaronkb

    Uke Armrest - Star Musicals?

    A little less so because I no longer need to hold it up with my arm, but still a problem because the most comfortable way for me to play is resting my forearm on the top of the lower bout. If you’re interested in a sense of how I play, I’m YouTube-famous with a whopping 5 subscribers...
  9. aaronkb

    Uke Armrest - Star Musicals?

    Hey fam! Gonna pre-empt this by saying I know how to hold a uke the traditional way and I’m not a fan, so please don’t suggest it lol. I think it might have to do with having super long arms but I just don’t like it at all. Anyway, the edge of the uke always cuts into my forearm so I’m...
  10. aaronkb

    Ukes with Cutouts

    I’m referring to intonation as the uke’s ability to be in tune all the way up and down the neck simultaneously. My assumption, which I may not have articulated clearly, is that neither a clip on tuner nor our ears are perfectly accurate. Just because it says every note is perfect when played...
  11. aaronkb

    SOTU 539 ~ Juneteenth/Father's Day

    Happy Juneteenth! Here's my instrumental cover of Eyes on the Prize (Hold On). We used to sing this in my middle school, I've always loved it.
  12. aaronkb

    I Know Three Chords!

    Isn’t riptide just three chords? I don’t play it but I think that’s a thing. Game over. Ironically, I use to successfully use ukulele in a casual dating context all the time…. Now I’m in a serious long term relationship with a woman who can barely stand the instrument 😭
  13. aaronkb

    Ukes with Cutouts

    I just tune the open strings first like you normally would, and then when I check on higher frets I’ll make VERY small adjustments vids the tuning pegs in the same way you would normally. If the note is flat I tighten it, if it’s sharp I loosen it…. I find at this stage that as long as I’m only...
  14. aaronkb

    Ukes with Cutouts

    I check my intonation pretty often and it seems fine on my ukes. It probably helps that when I tune, I check the strings played open and then check again at a higher fret usually somewhere in the 7-12 range. I often find the latter notes to be slightly off, but then I make minute adjustments...
  15. aaronkb

    Kala U Bass should it be considered as a Ukulele

    Have you seen 6 string baritone ukes (tuned e to e)? Romero Creations has some and I really want one, but god if that’s a ukulele and not a small guitar I don’t know which way is up.
  16. aaronkb

    Looking for Enya Feather

    Sorry 😭 must have just been the new one
  17. aaronkb

    Looking for Enya Feather

    I think I saw one earlier but I could be wrong
  18. aaronkb

    Ukes with Cutouts

    There has to be some impact, but gorgeous sounding ukes come in so many shapes…. I have a pineapple uke I love, and a tiny tenor that I love. I have some standard double-bouts that I love. My Mya Moe with a cutaway sounds the best by far, though. I’ve never played a Mya Moe without a cutaway...
  19. aaronkb

    Low G on an Enya Nova? Seeking String Advice

    Help me please 😭
  20. aaronkb

    Looking for Enya Feather

    There are a couple on reverb right now