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  1. snowdenn

    NULD: New Uke Library Day

    Let's see... Polani - Daniel Ho (I got hooked after I heard this song: Duets for One - James Hill (because it's James Hill, and I mostly play alone) Scottish Folk Tunes for Ukulele w/CD - Samantha Muir (I know nothing about Scottish folk music, but like Sam...
  2. snowdenn

    Thinking about getting a pad

    Just because you clearly don't have enough people chiming in with their opinions... I've used electronic devices, iPads, androids, etc., and I'm about as much of a tech geek as one can be without actually being able to program or take apart and fix hardware. So having everything on a device...
  3. snowdenn

    Caveat Emptor, Buyer beware: Zzounds / Breedlove (import instruments)

    I clicked on your youtube link but saw it was a full two hour HMS interview. I sometimes listen to them in the background or while driving, but I was wondering if there was a specific part of the video you were referring to or if it was just the whole thing.
  4. snowdenn

    Caveat Emptor, Buyer beware: Zzounds / Breedlove (import instruments)

    I love Breedlove guitars. I think their production models are some of the best values in the $500-$1000 range. Above or below that, I think there are better brands. Personally, I'm a big Larrivee fan as a step above Breedlove, and I agree with the video that Yamaha is one of the best entry-level...
  5. snowdenn

    NULD: New Uke Library Day

    Sharing libraries and book recommendations sounds like a fantastic idea. I have a few books around here that I keep telling myself I will get around to. I think the only one from your pile I have is the James Hill one that's sort of hidden under the others. But I haven't cracked it open yet.
  6. snowdenn

    I don't think this is cool at all

    Not to keep kicking the horse, but I think something to keep in mind: ULTP probably does do quite a bit of volume in sales. Between that and the relatively small number of non-Amazon type dealers, it seems unlikely to me that the brands he sells would stop doing business with him. It leaves too...
  7. snowdenn

    Questions for Rebel and Koaloha (both) concert owners

    As a big fan of KoAloha and Rebel ukuleles, I would say the Rebel is a step above the Opios in terms of quality. I would rank them: KoAloha, Rebel, and then Opio in that order. I tend to use my Opios as my sturdy, not-quite-beater instruments. Whereas I baby my KoAloha and Rebel ukes more. But...
  8. snowdenn

    What would be your signature ukulele if you had one?

    Soprano, concert, or tenor—any or all of these three. Koa. Ebony fretboard. Gotoh friction with white buttons on the soprano. Gotoh UPTs, maybe the silver with amber buttons on the concert. Slotted headstock, Schaller tuners, and ebony faceplate on the tenor. Simple lined rosette. Simple binding...
  9. snowdenn

    Uke Like the Pros Questionable Business Practices

    Haha, you forgot to say your catchphrase "real money" in your comment... I can't prove that I'm not a competitor. That's the point. But it seems obvious that I've done a poor job of promoting my business and trashing competitors in all the posts I've commented on in the years since I've joined...
  10. snowdenn

    Uke Like the Pros Questionable Business Practices

    Got it. So prove that I'm not a competitor without providing details about myself. Let me figure out how to do that so you know I'm trustworthy.
  11. snowdenn

    Uke Like the Pros Questionable Business Practices

    Success over a period of time does not have nearly as much correlation to hard work and good customer service as it does opportunity and timing, and in this case, knowing how to take advantage of the online market. I don't think there's a single person here who hasn't known or met decent...
  12. snowdenn

    TUS/HMS Communication Issue Resolved by Andrew

    Hmm. I think maybe I wasn't as clear or careful as I thought I was being. I used a lot of weasel(ish) words ("it seems"; "I think"; "it's likely", etc.) to be cautious. You ask "what overreacting" and state that "he had a valid concern" as a last resort. I think you're correct, and I don't...
  13. snowdenn

    how big are your ukulele collections?

    Haha, are you me?
  14. snowdenn

    Seaguar Blue Label samples - got what I wanted, thanks!

    Er, do you not want the pink then? I haven't found them yet, and it would spare me the search.
  15. snowdenn

    How do you determine that your current instrument is holding you back?

    I get what you're saying, but one of my best sounding ukes was made by someone a bit older, who's vision wasn't the best. Everything's straight and well constructed. But the finish was not the greatest. I just realized you said "paint" instead of finish. I generally think of good ukes as not...
  16. snowdenn

    Which soprano brand would you recommend as a keeper?

    I have to agree with Dohle that KoAlohas really shine on the smaller scales. I've found some variation with their ukes (even the same models), but they've been consistently good, and the best sounding soprano I heard was a Silver Anniversary. I don't think it sounded better because it was a...
  17. snowdenn

    Seaguar Blue Label samples - got what I wanted, thanks!

    A while back, I randomly came across some deeply discounted Seaguar Pink labels and I believe a Blue label as well, so I bought em. I can't remember what weights they were, and actually, I don't know if I still have them, but when I get a chance, I can look through some storage boxes to see if I...
  18. snowdenn

    Sopranino by David Hanson SOLD! Thank you for all the interest, and nice comments.

    Yes, looks like Graphtechs. I know people like them, but it's hard for me to get past the looks. The sopranino is a beauty though, and if it just had some nice friction tuners, I think I'd already have taken it. That price sounds like a steal for a unique, hand-made, quality uke.
  19. snowdenn

    Kanile'a/Islander Bridge Pin Slots Face Backwards?

    I looked through a few threads but I couldn't find an answer to this question. I dimly recall someone saying the slot/groove in the pin is supposed to face "backwards" away from the headstock. Is this correct? I just got a GL6, and as I was trying to tune, the string popped out (but the pin...