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  1. anthonyg

    Strings for Solid Body Electric Uke

    Is this an instrument that uses classical type strings or steel strings? The two are not interchangeable. If you have a regular bone type saddle with a tie bridge, then its the classical type and you use whatever strings you would nomally use on a tenor ukulele. A solid body instrument that uses...
  2. anthonyg

    Cutting/ grinding off molded plastic frets & replacing with metal fret wire?

    Slotting and fretting a fretboard is one of the most technically challenging procedures in making an instrument, requiring expensive tools and skill to do well. Starting with a moulded plastic fretboard, removing the moulded fets, then slotting it, then fitting new metal frets is folly. The...
  3. anthonyg

    Normal for a piezo?

    A thud from piezo pickups is to be expected. Generally It takes a really good preamp, really good impedance matching and/or know what you are doing with guitar electronics to deal with it.
  4. anthonyg


    Sometimes it may be a fine line between an instrument being a baritone ukulele or a guitarlele or a tenor guitar, yet in this case the obvious give away is the 6 evenly spaced strings. It's a guitarlele or even just a short scale guitar. A 6 string baritone or tenor ukulele has 4 courses of...
  5. anthonyg

    Nothin' Quite Like a "Mic'd Up" Uke

    Sure. I was responding to someone who claimed they were cutting their lip on the SM57's grill. To whit, the 57 is a 58 with a cut back grill, and was never made by Shure to be a vocal mic. That's what the 58 with its smooth bulbous grill is for.
  6. anthonyg

    Strings and intonation

    I believe that the main factor that affects how a string intonates is flexibility, yet there are numerous factors behind what makes a string more or less flexible. If perfect strings existed, there would be no need for any compensation to be built into an instrument. Real strings can never be...
  7. anthonyg

    My Strumming Hits the Edge of the Fretboard...Tips?

    Yes I get the same thing happening. Now since I finger pick more often than strum, I get some variety. Every now and then I move my hand around so that I don't hit the edge of the fingerboard when strumming, yet I'm not quite sure which sound I prefer. I tap my foot when playing, and I have a...
  8. anthonyg

    CAGFD is lame

    If you know them, then you know them. CAGED or CAGFD, is a mnemonic, a memory aid, that lists all subsequent inversions in order of their common open position shape. If you're playing an open F maj, and you want to know what the next inversion of F maj up the neck is, its in the form of a D maj...
  9. anthonyg

    Nothin' Quite Like a "Mic'd Up" Uke

    The SM57, from what I have read, is basically an SM58, with its grill cut right back so that it can be used to close mic instruments. It was never intended to be a vocal mic (that's what the SM58 is for). Disregard any/most video's you may see of an SM-57 being used as a vocal mic, its just...
  10. anthonyg

    Wear resistant fret material

    Yes it happens. I've had a fret replaced on one ukulele because of this kind of wear, and I have another than needs to be worked on. The thing to be concerned about is that replacing and re-crowning regular soft metal frets is WAY easier than working on stainless steel frets which do exist. If...
  11. anthonyg

    Nothin' Quite Like a "Mic'd Up" Uke

    I once owned an Audix OM2, and used it as an instrument mic as well as for vocals. I did the job well. Unfortunately I had to sell it for financial reasons. I had too many mic's anyway, so something with brand recognition that would sell, had to go.
  12. anthonyg

    Wear resistant fret material

    Be careful of what you wish for. Stainless steel frets are available, yet they are so hard that they are difficult to work on with even diamond surfaced tools. Regular steel tools are of no use at all.
  13. anthonyg

    Nothin' Quite Like a "Mic'd Up" Uke

    Yes, I mic up always. I don't even have a pickup option by choice. When on proper stages I ask the engineer to cut my foldback right down to prevent problems.
  14. anthonyg

    CAGFD is lame

    Meh. The C and G shapes (ukulele), or G and D shapes guitar are not redundant, as they serve to fill in the gaps, as well as being some of the most common chords played. When using the CAGED mnemonic on a guitar, there are always common notes from one form/shape/inversion to the next. This is...
  15. anthonyg

    CAGFD is lame

    Meh. Using CAGED for guitar or baritone ukulele, its the C and D, that are very similar, as is G and A. On a standard ukulele that's an F and G being very similar, along with a C and D, not E. There is a point to it though. Actually, the first thing to note is that CAGED, IS in order, and not...
  16. anthonyg

    Closed Is There a Way To Save Your Favourite Threads?

    On the basis that ANY thread I have posted in, is one of my favourite threads ;), you can find any and all threads you have posted in by going to the top left and finding "Find Threads" with a down arrow on the right. Press the down arrow and you will find, Your Threads, which has all the...
  17. anthonyg


    I should add one bit advice. Test riding the bikes to see if they go the speed, YOU, want them to go, and what control options you have is a good idea. The e-bike I had had 20" wheels, which is good for torque, especially on hill climbs so it was probably better climbing hills than other hub...
  18. anthonyg

    Distressed finishes: getting out of hand?

    Don't over think it. It's just been a fashion trend in Guitars that earns them big bucks$$. Why not give it a go in ukuleles? I agree that its ridiculous though.
  19. anthonyg


    Based on your previously stated requirements, a basic 250 watt, hub drive , pedal assist e-bike, will meet your requirements. EDIT: I used to own a 350 watt hub drive e-bike, and it was capable of getting along at 20mph in pedal assist mode. Centre drive is nice, but if you aren't climbing big...
  20. anthonyg

    Two New Tenors have Upbow - Are Factory Strings Too High Tensioned?

    OK, well a twist isn't good. Giving good advice in these situations, all comes down to the numbers.