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  1. Inksplosive AL

    Bethe$da Tease Please Stand By... New Fallout?

    First there is this on Twitter... Twitter Link Then there is this live stream on Twitch @ Hopefully we will have some form of confirmation in 24 hours or so. If not we wait till E3 in a couple weeks.
  2. Inksplosive AL

    Dog Chew Neck up for grabs

    Heh... dogs chew things?
  3. Inksplosive AL

    Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

    Heh yeah! Certainly they are chick magnets. Just...
  4. Inksplosive AL

    Uke ID

    Looks like a 50's-60's Harmony Deluxe without the label on the head stock. This one seems to be missing the piece of fret board glued to the top. Thought something was odd.
  5. Inksplosive AL

    Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

    Torchwood was an awesome series, well the first series was best. They lost quite a bit of flavor and were toned down as they moved up the dial to more prestigious (family friendly) channels. They did hint that Captain Jack is the Face of Boe. Being in the U.S. I was only able to catch old DR...
  6. Inksplosive AL

    cracks in old ukes

    I have a little 1920's-30's Harmony that is a survivor bought from a kind soul who saved her from the junk pile. While its not a K brand or a Martin it is a very old very light uke made from old mahogany and has a heck of a bark Ive not experienced in a newer instrument. She is a special girl...
  7. Inksplosive AL

    MWO MechWarriorOnline

    Longtime PC gamer Mech Pilot from MW3-MW4 era back in the days of the MSN zone. Video: DerelictTomcat "first and current nick no tags" DSF_Abominus FFF_Asmodeus Tomcat_X
  8. Inksplosive AL

    So... I suck at Fortnite's Battle Royal? How about you?

    I'm currently playing on a super-wide monitor at 2560 X 1080. Fortnite's Battle Royal is all the rage today... do you play? I simply have been trying to not die... so far no good, but its fun. Nothing like sneaking around hoping no one sees you.
  9. Inksplosive AL

    cleaning tips, esp fret and finish?

    Bought a bass with rusty frets a long time ago and was taught by an old guitar tech to simply use an ink eraser on them. Worked like a charm. Use the grey or ink side Sounds like the lacquer finish has become crazed. As explained this can happen due to temperature changes as well as the...
  10. Inksplosive AL

    The Non Standard Uke Thread

    Then there is this right here. A little 20's soprano banjolele still wearing her wooden friction pegs and what appears to be the original skin. She is a tiny thing and loud as all heck. stuffing a sock in it does little to quiet this beast. I stole this flapper girl from the internet and...
  11. Inksplosive AL

    The Non Standard Uke Thread

    Then there is this concert sized uke you cannot just go buy, might not want to... lol This uke doesnt sound or play terrible but its what we call a 10/40 in the motorcycle or car world. Looks good from 10 feet away or going by at least 40 mph. It is unique! Although there is a lot of fill...
  12. Inksplosive AL

    The Non Standard Uke Thread

    And for that, somethings you cannot just go buy... ;p lol I'm the proud owner of U.L.O. #1, the red beauty on the left pictured below. Made in the USA by D. Heilman of BlackBearUke fame for a limited time and sold in the marketplace. Mine as described #001 - Red finish, Cedar top with a VG Fir...
  13. Inksplosive AL

    Season 246: Trick or Treat - I want "candy"

    Season 246 Trick or Treat (I want "candy") I apologize but my mother always said promises were made to be broken... wait thats not it though she did say that. Better late than never thats it! Introduction video of some sort should be live before 6am HI time. Without further ado: Greetings and...
  14. Inksplosive AL

    Second uke with a very different flavor?

    I think I payed around $200 usd for my 20's banjolele. I haven't seen many of the same style but a few. Mine is in the best condition still wearing wooden friction tuners. Its tiny, very loud and has that hillbilly sound. It popped up in the marketplace so I grabbed it once I saw it. I suggest...
  15. Inksplosive AL

    Need a steel string electric ukulele

    Glad to help!
  16. Inksplosive AL

    Vorson droning like the flanger is on

    60hz hum The hum is your wiring in your home 60hz for us in the USA. It can be heard in most any classic rock song and particularly in most Hendrix songs or others using stratocaster and/or telecaster (single coil pickup) guitars. As we cannot tear this out to kill it we must shield our...
  17. Inksplosive AL

    Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

    On blocking sigs... I use adblock plus a simple right click on any offending picture add a custom filter and poof only the large picture is gone! I quite enjoy some signatures, lists of ukuleles, pictures funny or otherwise. Others poof! On the ignore feature... On this forum I have a couple...
  18. Inksplosive AL

    Steel bridge for electric ukulele

    Certainly you could pay more even through eBay but why? Gold $8.44 free shipping- Chrome $8.03 free shipping-...
  19. Inksplosive AL

    EBay auctions

    Who is thread jacking now eh? I still stand by my recommendation to buy a new instrument from a respected seller than one from a random seller on eBay. Its offically spelled eBay as well you cap the B not the e.... tee hee hee.
  20. Inksplosive AL

    EBay auctions

    He/she already went the cheap ukulele route and we tried to help him/her in fixing it the rest is history. I do hope he/she gets something they love and can play for years to come. Oh and to the other guy waste your time all you want I'm done with irrelevant attitudes and any personal weakness...