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    Need song suggestions for retirement/nursing homes

    I'm so glad someone revived this thread. Even though the titles may have changed over the decade, the question remains relevant. I've thought about this over the past year or so, since my mom died in the care unit of an old folks home in 2020. If I were to become less shy, more outgoing and...
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    New member

    Welcome to the fold, Richard. I think an in-person teacher is valuable, especially if you can find one who specializes in the uke. There are lots of guitar teachers out ther who decide to hang a ukulele shingle next to their mandolin, etc. shingles. I've had lessons from them because that's all...
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    Longtime Lurker

    Welcome, trippy. Glad you joined the party. Jim
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    Random Thoughts Thread (Uke Related)

    I believe those 000-15ms were made in heaven. I hope mine arrives with me when I get there. Jim
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    Learning uke and guitar simultaneously?

    Hi Erwitt. I'm late to this discussion, but here's my thought: You should consider another teacher. An ukulele teacher who primarily teaches guitar is what I have to accept if I want in-person lessons here in rural Southern Oregon. But if you're taking lessons online, I would seriously...
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    Kalimba Anyone?

    Cripes! Just when UAS is ebbing (buying two kits and a custom builders' slot will do that), I'm suddenly stricken with the need to own at least one kalimba. Seeing this thread at the exact time we're planning a trip to Africa (including Zimbabwe, home of the kalimba I'm told) makes it seem...
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    Using your trans acoustic effects?

    That effect, called Acousticplus on the Enya carbon fibers, is the main reason my Enya tenor has become a favorite of mine. It tends to sit next to my easy chair for weeks at a time, partly because it's so durable. When spring comes and the temps even out, I'll bring the other ukes out to play...
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    More Mods! Welcome to @ploverwing and @Arcy!

    Thanks to ploverwing and Arcy for helping Tim pump new vitality into this already-great site. Jim
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    Greetings From East Tennessee

    How nice to wander into ukulele heaven, wheather you know it or not. Jim
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    Bridge placement, based on nut-to-12th fret measurement

    I believe so. I'm doubling 6 7/8 (the nut to 12th measurement) and getting 13 3/4. To that I'm adding 1/8 inch. Sounds like 13 7/8 inches is where I want my saddle crown. Thanks. Jim
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    Bridge placement, based on nut-to-12th fret measurement

    Hey, everyone. I’m happy with the generic answer that I should add maybe 1/8 inch to the nut to 12th x 2 measurement. It’s just a DIY uke to practice on before I start my StewMac tenor kit. Just want to experience and learn from the decisions I have to make. I don’t want to spark...
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    Bridge placement, based on nut-to-12th fret measurement

    The highest point of the fret wire. Jim
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    Second Soprano Build

    Humblej, thanks for giving us a look at your No. 2 build. I love the headstock that seems to harken back to early Hawaiian ukes. Is the bridge angled slightly for compensation's sake? Or is that just my eyes playing tricks? Jim
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    Bridge placement, based on nut-to-12th fret measurement

    I'm assembling an inexpensive DIY soprano kit and I am trying to figure out the bridge location. It's 6 7/8 inches from the nut to the middle of the 12th fret. Do I want the saddle right at 13 3/4, doubling the distance, or should I add a bit. It seems to me I've read that you want a tiny bit...
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    Martin T1K Quality

    I have a T1K and find it to be a nice little uke. I must admit I was disappointed by the rough fret ends when I received it. With the fret ends and too-high action, it's the only uke I've bought (out of 7 or 8) where I thought it needed a setup right out of the box. The finish quality was...
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    Post goals for 2023! Happy New Year and Best of Luck!

    I'd like to write more music. I spend about half of my uke time on fingerstyle tunes I've come up with. I want to create more of these shorties and develop some into more fleshed out pieces. When I played guitar more, I tended to write songs with lyrics. Now, it's all 30-second ditties. I like...
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    What does the word "cover" mean to you?

    Oops. Apparently hit post without adding text. What I meant to say was: Jim, you amaze me. I had no idea The First Ever I Saw Your Face was written by the same guy as Dirty Old Town. One more thing for the youngsters out there: I don't think I ever heard "cover" used like this until maybe the...
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    Huge thanks to Tim for becoming a Mod!

    On a site known for its positivity, I've seen Tim as one of the most positive contributors. No one has more credibility. Jim
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    Greetings, Ukuleleists!

    Welcome to the fold. Jim