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    Are you going to Uke-Con in San Diego?

    I'm going. It's an easy 2 hour drive and no hotel needed. I will say all the different price classes of tickets was a huge turn off and seemed like a $ grab, but it's proximity made it a yes.
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    Ukulele build workshop

    Hi. Does anyone have any experience with this ukulele building workshop on Craigs list? My son was interested. "Custom built tenor ukuleles hand-made in Volcano. Several to chose from, Koa,Walnut, Mango. $400. Also, if you want to learn to build your own ukulele, I will teach you in my...
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    Are ukulele players more dedicated?

    Saw an article today about Fender trying to increase retention of guitar players. From the article - "But novice players often stop playing and don’t pick it up again. “As an industry, we do not have a problem attracting new entrants,” Fender CEO Andy Mooney said in a presentation in New York...
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    Has anyone tried one of these? They supposedly can do different types of drums, including different types of percussion instruments, in different styles at whatever speed you set it to. I ordered one, especially since I can play with it before I get an amp and before I receive my custom with...
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    My Custom resonator Uke is finished.

    I am so excited. I don't know how long it will take to ship, but I had a pickup installed, so I'll have to learn about pedals to take advantage of Black Friday. Wish it would have made it in time for my birthday, but it will be my Christmas present to myself. I tried to upload a video but it...
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    Trimming a head stock?

    That is beautiful. It looks great. The thing about moving the tuner holes, at least in yahalele's photo, is that he proposes moving them much closer to the nut than you have and right on the curve on the headstock. It makes more sense to move the tuners closer together than to drop them as low...
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    Andy Griffith

    I watched an episode of Matlock today where Andy Griffith played a tenor ukulele in the beginning, and an unusual looking resonator ukulele in the end. Does anyone know what maker of ukulele this resonator is?
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    New Monthly Challenge

    There's a new monthly challenge up at rockclass 101, this one to win an Islander MC4-RB, and a Double A1U pickup. The songs this month are cool soundtracks. If anyone is interested I will try to edit in the link below, as it says it's spam...
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    Bicycle and Uke - Similarities

    Reduce to 4 strings.
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    Possibly Last Chance for Ukulele Magazine's Cuba Trip

    Because of the new limitations for travel to Cuba, the December trip will probably be the last from Ukulele Magazine, and only trips with some reservation made by June 5 will be legal to go on, so if this was on your wish list, it would be a good idea to register today. A short notice heads up...
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    NUD Romero Creations Mango Replica

    Having my Sopranissimo loaned to my daughter for months has left me missing that wooden sound as my other uke is a brass body resonator. Combined with all the talk of Low G, some Low G tabs, and the Low G songs on the new Melodic Meditations book, I decided to head to USpace to look at their...
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    String Change to Living Waters

    I just changed my resonator strings to Living Waters from PhD because it's been 5 months and I felt the tone was lacking depth. I absolutely LOVE the Living Waters. My only regret is that I never truly compared them to the PhDs as my comparison is between old PhDs and new Living Waters. I...
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    Uke Shopping at a Guitar store

    I decided to try out a radiused fretboard since so many people rave about them and went to Rudy's music in Manhattan as they are supposed to be a good store. The ukulele collection seemed low and I was admiring, without touching, an antique, handpainted Martin Mandolin, when a salesperson...
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    Maybe it's because Winter has FINALLY arrived, but I suddenly felt the intense need to learn the soundtrack and have been so inspired by what I've been learning that I find myself in my car going over the parts that I know, impatient to get back home and practice some more.
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    The Wait Begins

    Put a deposit on a custom Soprano Resonator with a brushed finish, (no more concern about scratches). Now comes the wait. I now understand the impatient misery and longing. I have to stop thinking about it. I will go crazy. Hopefully it'll arrive in time for my birthday.
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    What UAS afflicted need.

    This is actually an item for sale on Bytown uke website, LOL.
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    A quick question

    Every so often, I look around for an edit button to change the all caps on my user name. Not even sure how I made it all caps. I don't tend to use cap lock.I am sure there is a way to change it. I just can't find it. So, How do you edit your user name? I am so sick of looking at it in caps.
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    Anyone have an opimiom on this book?

    I am considering this book, but can't find any reviews on it. Has anyone tried it? Mastering the Right Hand for the Ukulele: 52 Right Hand Strumming and Picking Variations on the Holiday Classic "Auld Lang Syne" Having the same song played in different ways with the same chords sounds intriguing.
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    Opinions on Sound please.

    I am thinking of ordering this resonator, but I have only found one sound clip and my ear isn't experienced enough to judge the nuances of sound. Any opinions?
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    Problem with new Uke?

    Hi. I just got my first Ukulele yesterday. It sounds amazing except for this. The 7th fret of C sounds weird. All the other strings on all the other frets sound great except for the C stringon the 7th fret. Anyone know what could cause this? Can there be a problem on my ukulele on just one...