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  1. ThePunkWay

    build me up buttercup

    new post, check it out, lemme know what ya think.. comments, criticisms? Edit: okay, fixed whatever was up with the video... HERE IT IS!
  2. ThePunkWay

    Justin Nozuka - Be Back Soon

    just posted it on YT.... thanks again The Ickle for helping me out! :shaka:
  3. ThePunkWay

    My first upload on YouTube, tell me what you think

    My first upload on youtube, tell me what ya think Sublime - Badfish
  4. ThePunkWay

    pomp and circumstance (AKA Da Graduation Song)

    hey guys! i know, i already have a song help thread started... but i'm going to be out of contact for the weekend, so i thought i'd just drop in another one for poos and laughs.. ok, so i graduated with my AA from Leeward Community College and as i was walking, i was thinking "man, i need to...
  5. ThePunkWay

    looking for tabs for One Night Stand

    Hey there guys! i'm looking to round out the first song i ever learned (One Night Stand, by the Kekai Boyz) with the proper picking.. I've been just kinda doing my own thing for those bits, but I'd like to learn the correct way... anybody out there know it? there's two picking parts, one...