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  1. UkuVinny

    Mad World

    I made this at 1:30AM with, what I like to call, my morning voice. It's not pretty...
  2. UkuVinny

    "Timothy" - Jet (ukulele cover)

    I was bored and was playing with my recording equipment. I can't help but think that if I wasn't so bored all the time, I wouldn't butcher so many good songs. =P Enjoy!
  3. UkuVinny

    Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (jazz multitrack w/ ukulele)

    I was bored so I put together a quick little video me playing "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" on bass, guitar, and 2 ukulele (only one seen in video). I even added some drums with my drum machine. Hope you enjoy!
  4. UkuVinny

    My Eyes (On the Rise) - collab with lisaxy424

    This is my first collab! So here it is My Eyes (On the Rise) from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Note: for some reason you can't hear bass unless you use headphones/earbuds. I highly recommend it. It makes it sound that much more epic. lol
  5. UkuVinny

    "You've Got A Friend In Me"

    This one was so much fun to do, but I lost my camera so I had to use my webcam. The quality of video is poor and it doesn't exactly line up with the audio. TOY STORY FOREVER!!!
  6. UkuVinny

    Come Together

    'nuff said.
  7. UkuVinny

    Happy Singles Awareness Day!!!!

    Happy Singles Awareness Day! Here's my rendition of 1234 in all its vocally-out-of-tune glory! Enjoy!
  8. UkuVinny

    A Song for Someday (original)

    yes, I actually wrote something! OMG APOCALYPSE!!! Well, whatever. I know it's not great, but hey! I'm no perfectionist.
  9. UkuVinny

    Fixing a Hole (redo)

    I redid Fixing a Hole by The Beatles because: 1. I actually needed to have video 2. Drums needed to be at acceptable volume 3. Everything sounds better with bass (even if I do suck at it) AND 4. I felt like it. enjoy!
  10. UkuVinny

    Fixing A Hole

    I decided to try out the drum machine on my Boss Micro BR. I do like the way the drums work, but I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to lover the volume on them. If you know, please help me out! Anyway heres what I came up with while playing with the drum machine...
  11. UkuVinny

    Brown Eyed Girl

    Heres one of my favorites!
  12. UkuVinny

    When I'm 64

    I liked the way this one turned out! Lemme know what you think!
  13. UkuVinny

    The Sound of Silence

    Hey undergounders! Just hittin' you with another song! This one goes out to Deach! Thanks man!
  14. UkuVinny

    Blue Skies

    One more before the new decade. In hopes that the future will bring "Nothing but blue skies from now on"
  15. UkuVinny

    Fly Me to the Moon

    Hey undergrounders! I got two more videos to show you one is: Fly Me to the Moon And the other is: The Old Apartment Let me know what you guys think!
  16. UkuVinny

    My First Uke Video!

    Hey guys, I know I'm not much of a character in the underground yet. I'm still a newbie to some extent, but I thought I'd take a step out of my comfort zone and show off my first official uke video. I've been working on it for a time, now and I finally got in respectable condition. There are...
  17. UkuVinny

    That left turn at Albuquerque

    Hey Guys! My name is Vincent. I live in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I've been playing Uke for a few months, now. Unfortunately, I have a cheapy little Mahalo U-30 soprano uke. I also play any brass instrument, guitar, bass, keyboard and I sing in the baritone range. I just thought I'd introduce...