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  1. the52blues

    Martin Soprano uke stringing

    I teach a ukulele class and I suggest to the students if they really enjoy the uke to go out and buy one of their own. A lady showed up a couple of weeks ago (she has only had 2 lessons) and she had bought a Martin S1. I was a little surpised that a beginner would buy a $500 ukulele but when I...
  2. the52blues

    uke straps and end pin jacks

    Anyone else have problems fitting the guitar strap over the electric end pin jack on acoustic/electric guitars and ukes? I've asked music stores and strap manufacturers and neither seem to think it's a problem....but it is... Here is my solution. I make my own adapters from a 4"X1" piece of...
  3. the52blues

    50 Ways To Kill Al-Qaeda

    Old computer crashed so just learning to use new laptop software to do vids. I think I may still want to hook up my mixer and mic instead of using the on-board mic.
  4. the52blues

    Happy Father's Day to my two dads.

  5. the52blues

    Great Big Johnson

    Yes folks, even with ukuleles SIZE COUNTS! Here's my rendition of a Wendell Ferguson tune - Great Big Johnson
  6. the52blues

    Funny commercial with a uke in it...

    This one really cheered me up!
  7. the52blues

    Is it just me?

    I know we all have different tastes and biases but I see and read so many people on here salivating over the plainest looking ukes, posting their picks of their newest acquisition like it was something special. No fancy inlay, plain, boring round sound hole, little or no inlay as markers on the...
  8. the52blues

    I Shot Bin Laden

    I know this is on guitar but I wrote it on a uke and do it play it on a uke as well.
  9. the52blues

    Hi Folks. I finally got my e-commerce site online. Besides ukes for sale I also sell music theme jewelry and watches. Please check it out and let me know what you think?
  10. the52blues

    FilKONtario April 1-3 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

    Ever heard of Filk music? ya. It is basically folk music for sci-fi nuts, Star Trek, Babylon 5 and the like. Yes, they have their own conventions all over the world. While not specifically a uke event many of the songsters play ukulele. I have a small collection of ukes for sale and I...
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    Kala bankrupt! (April Fools)

    April Fool!!!! Sorry couldn't resist. Have a great weekend.
  12. the52blues

    Seperate board discussion for banjo ukes?

    I'm also a member of the Ukulele Cosmos and they recently opened a separate board discussion for banjo ukes. Would it be worthwhile here? Instead of searching through uke talk to find discussions specific to the crankiest members of the uke family we would be able to participate easier.
  13. the52blues

    Sweet City Woman on banjo uke

    Haven't done a video in a while but I just got some new banjo ukes in from my pal Hugh Hunter at Midnight Special and I had to try one out. This one is a soprano thin rim banjolele that sells for only $300. All solid wood made in Rockwood, Ontario, Canada!
  14. the52blues

    New Canadian made banjo ukes

    New line of banjo ukes from Midnight Special in Rockwood, Ontario. They range from $300 to $800. The $300 series are thin rimmed but all solid wood w/o resonator but come with a gig bag and an extra set of strings. The $600 & $800 models are solid block rims with or without the resonator. The...
  15. the52blues

    Shrinking necks

    Anyone else have a problem with the neck of your uke shrinking slightly in the winter months allowing the fret wires to stick out a bit then in the summer they go back to normal? I'm having this problem with a couple of ukes and a luthier said to have the frets dressed (shortened) during the...
  16. the52blues

    Mississauga area uke jam

    I'm looking for ukers in the west GTA (Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Toronto, Orangeville etc.) that would like to meet and jam on Saturday afternoons. I teach a class in a large room at a church in the Southdown/QEW area from 1-2pm and would like to get a uke jam going in the area...
  17. the52blues

    Youtube copyright infringements

    Does anyone know how to check a song BEFORE you record it on Youtube to see if it will be removed and a violation mark put against your account? Do parodies count? I know if you only record self penned tunes this will never happen but I see all kinds of cover vids on YT. I had someone comment on...
  18. the52blues

    Rainbow/Wonderful World ad nauseum.... BTW this uke is for sale too!
  19. the52blues

    Maxwell's Silver Hammer BTW: This uke is for sale!
  20. the52blues

    Maybe this is just Spam? LOL Good eatin'!!!!