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    Billionaire - Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars (The DOPEST SONG OF 2010)

    ok so this song was release 2 days ago and i things its the coolest thing in a long time someone want to help me out trying to figure this out???
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    Feel Good Inc Acoustic Instrumental Cover (Box video!!!)

    My first Box video... well first REAL box video if you don't know what that is... well you'll get it soon
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    Keep on Keepin on - Jojo

    i though i already asked this but i've needed help with this for 4EEEver here's my base all i have is D - A - Bm - F#m - G#m but i'm not really all that satified with that anyone help??? ...Seeso? you know i don't ask for much lol and i think i...
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    She Don't Care by Dumbfoundead (Acoustic)

    this song is REALLLY dope please help! if you can't get the bridge, it's aight. just the chorus is fine.
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    EMERGENCY! need help with Rihanna's "I'm still not over you" and Nick and NJ's...

    EMERGENCY! need help with Rihanna's "I'm still not over you" and Nick and NJ's... I'm performing at my friend's partay but i need to learn these two songs Nick and NJ's "Just Friends" and Rihanna's "Ps I'm Stil not over you"...
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    Jasmine Sullivan!.!

    Kinda need help for two of her songs the first one i'm sure people already have the chords for these :P "Need U Bad" Cover by MissCarolinexoxo and the other "Bust Your Windows"music video I have something i got by ear, but i don't really like it all that much it's: Gm-Dm-Eb or [3333]-F-Gm...
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    David Choi - Uneasy?

    This song seems pretty chill anyone think they can help a guy out?
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    Sight of Spira Intro (extreme)

    I'm trying to figure out the intro for Sight of Spira (Scenery of Spira) here's the link to the cover Though i liked Lonlonjp's version better :) and i tried just transposing it with the tabs but it doesn't go well with the Uke. So far...
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    Looking for singers who's down for collabs

    i like doin covers (mostly Hip-Hop n R&B and the occasional disney) but recently i can't really get a hold of some people any one down? BTW, i plan on covering a whole new world next :)
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    Kingdom Hearts Hikari/Simple and Clean

    Originally arranged by "BadStarFalling" i figured it out myself... after one long month :/ well hope you enjoy
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    Chopped N Screwed Instrumental

    just something i posted up
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    Best I Ever Had - Drake

    i'm in DESPERATE need to know this song it's hard to figure out cuz the melody is kinda drowned out. here's the link