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  1. gotrice415510

    just went through the UU soloing DVD, but i essentially knew all of it.. what now?

    For the past few months i've been doing recordings of random chord progressions and improvising over them for fun and experimentation. So i decided i might aswell order the UU soloing DVD, but after going through it i realized i already knew most, if not all of, it. Basically, i knew how to do...
  2. gotrice415510

    Roland Micro Cube problemo....

    so i literally just bought a roland micro cube today and its Acoustic, JC Clean, and Black Panel settings are giving no signals. Is it like this with any of u guys are and ur ukes? im gonna try it out wit my friends tele guitar later this week to see if its just my uke and not the amp. any...
  3. gotrice415510

    Lanikai CK-TEQ -$260 shipped you can reply to me through here on UU or by replying to the ad -thank you;) EDIT: read the entire thread if u want to know the backstory of the uke and all the cr@p i went through but all in all the uke is completely undamaged, near mint...
  4. gotrice415510

    Help with my shadow pickup...

    So i purchased a lanikai uke from the UU marketplace that was advertised with the pickup not having the battery or battery housing tray. Bad idea. I figured replacing one of them would be easy, but i was wrong.... I have emailed shadow almost 5 times throughout the month, and have received no...
  5. gotrice415510

    anyone know whats up with Shadow's support service?

    anybody have a clue? im getting no replies from them, its been a week since the first email i sent and so far ive sent three. I sent my first email on Martin Luther King Day and i did get an automated response telling me that they'll be in the next day. But since then i havent gotten any...
  6. gotrice415510

    got a little screwed over in the UU marketplace.... wat shud i do?

    so i purchased a used lanikai ck-teq from the market place that was supposed to come with free stings and a case. Everything went super smooth, payed, sent, done. Then i received it and it was a little disappointing. The sound was a little dead and it had buzzes(mainly due to pickup wiring...
  7. gotrice415510

    Kala SOLID Spruce Top Tenor for sale!

    Ive had this uke for about year and i decided its time to upgrade. Its the Kala KA-ST model, solid sitka spruce top with laminate mahagony back and sides. It also has sealed tuning pegs and some D'addario Pro Arte strings (from the UU store) that i just put on. $120 shipped w/ free gig bag and...
  8. gotrice415510

    Just A Friend - Biz Markie.... little riff i came up with for the piano part
  9. gotrice415510

    what chord is it when you bar the 7th fret?

    please help:D
  10. gotrice415510

    Anyone know the chords to this one....?

    The song is "I Like You (Snippet)" by RobiskiSars11 on YT this kid's song has been stuck in my head and i really want to play it, please help.
  11. gotrice415510

    search function.....*sigh*

    whenever i search something like "Tie Me Down by New Boyz"(bad example, i know) the "smart" search engine will break down each individual word and search on "key words" only. This is really annoying because it will discard searching for common words, in this case all of them except for "boyz"...
  12. gotrice415510

    Who Says by John Mayer (cover)

    its not an actually video of me playin it, its a recording i made with Audacity. I hope it sounds good enough for the boringness of the video:D. EDIT: forgot to mention this is my first posted cover ever!
  13. gotrice415510

    Daft Punk???

    :Dwondering if anybody knew any daft punk songs for the uke.... i kno its a long shot but i figured, why not ask?
  14. gotrice415510

    Europa Chords?

    so im learning the picking from Dom's tab but there are a bunch of chords on the tab (chords that jump from majors to minors to minor6...blah blah blah), and i know that theres gotta be a set progression. So i was wondering if anybody knew one that worked for Dom's tab. please and thank you:D...
  15. gotrice415510

    Anyone know any mexican songs?

    So i have to do a culture project for my spanish class, and one choice is to play a song:D. So i thought why not play an uke song. But im way to shy to sing in spanish, so i was wonering if anyone knew any mexican instrumentals for the ukulele. Any help appreciated!
  16. gotrice415510

    What does the brown UU sweatshirt look like?

    The store doesnt have a pic of this color and i was wondering if somebody could post a pic of one.:D i kno this is kind of silly, but i want to kno what it looks like before i order considering its around $50 shipped... expensive!
  17. gotrice415510

    Nintendo Wii song!?

    hey i was wndering if anyone had a tab or at least the notes that should be played here is a vid of the song... awesome dance vid too lol
  18. gotrice415510

    You Dont't Write solo MGM and Crew version!?

    Hey so they got me hooked on this song but i stil cant get the solo quite like brey does it.... the tabs on TSW aren't exactly like his, so i was wondering if anyone knows where there is a tab to this version of the solo or if its his own.
  19. gotrice415510

    MY Cherie Amour?!

    anyone know the chords to this one?
  20. gotrice415510

    Drive-Ziggy Marley

    Hey i was wondering if anyone had chords or anything for this song