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  1. kenikas

    Just ordered a Dolphin

    But we still like to look at them:D We have one for each of the grand kids (exept the one year old, I'm looking for one for her) and they are so much fun I had to get myself one!
  2. kenikas

    The little fly

    I'm hoping someone here can help me find the chords and/or tabs for Seamus Kennedy's "The Little Fly", or preferably Brudda IZ's version from his "In Dis Life" album. I've search everywhere I can think of and all I can find is youtube animations to the song. My grandkids love the song and we'd...
  3. kenikas

    ARGH!! No Pono Today!!

    Drat! I just checked FedEx tracking and my new Pono that was supposed to arrive today is stuck in Oakland! That means I have to wait until Monday. Ooh the agony!!
  4. kenikas

    Looking for Pua Hone tabs or sheet music

    I've been trying to find tabs or standard notation sheet music for Reverand Dennis Kamakahi's "Pua Hone". I sing it to my grandniece/foster daughter and she loves it (as do I), but would really like to be able to play along on uke or guitar. I'd love to find a book of his music since I enjoy all...
  5. kenikas

    Looking like a Mainland morning!

    I just checked the tracking on UPS and it shows my new Mainland Gloss Mango Concert is out for delivery today! I'll finally get to see why Mainland owners are so fanatical about their ukes.
  6. kenikas

    Wood storage, particularly soundboards

    I have acquired several pieces of soundboard wood in Cedar, Spruce, and Redwood and have a question on storage. I've read a bit about stickering and am wondering if I need to store these like that or is it mainly for freshly sawn boards? These seem to be fairly well dried don't want to take a...
  7. kenikas

    Good buy on Lanikai S-T

    Musician's Friend has a Lanikai S-T solid spruce top tenor on their "Stupid deal of the day" special for $129.99.
  8. kenikas

    Peanut Christmas?!?!

    I just got an email from our own marvelous Mim about another uke I was thinking of purchasing from her, and she said the new and improved batch of Eleuke Peanuts was in the pipeline! Maybe in time for Christmas, I havent been this excited about a Christmas present for about 40 years! Now the uke...
  9. kenikas

    Eleuke strings?

    I've got and older Eleuke that still has the original strings (GHS?), and I'm wondering what everyone prefers on them. I bought a set of the new Aquilas to put on it a while back but haven't got around to it yet, and would like to know if there are any strings you like better on the Eleukes.
  10. kenikas

    3 uke week & new uke day....almost

    Crap!! Had to work this morning and I missed UPS by about an hour, and he has my Kamaka Gold Label Pineapple! I've been watching the tracking ever since Christine emailed me that Kamaka had sent it after a complete referb...MAN I'm Bummed! But I think I can pick it up at the depot this evening...
  11. kenikas

    Band saw questions

    I have been closely following dave g 's new band saw thread, since I've also been looking for a new saw and am "thrifty" (!). And rather than hijack his thread I figured I'd start this one. I had been leaning towards the new Grizzly Polar Bear 14", but the Harbor Frieght one is...
  12. kenikas

    Need a case for Kamaka Pineapple

    I recently aquired a Kamaka Gold Label Pineapple and need to get a case for it, and was hoping some here would have solved this problem before and could recommend a good fitting case. So far trying it in my other cases the best option seems to be getting a soprano size "Uke Crazy" type (stiff...
  13. kenikas

    Finally!, John King delivery date

    I finally got a delivery date from Amazon for John King "Play Ukulele Today! Level Two" Estimated arrival date: April 15 2011 - July 13 2011. I know several others here have been waiting for this release also, so maybe we'll finally be able to get it.
  14. kenikas

    Grizzly trim router

    I'm looking for a good trim router and was wondering if anyone here has used the Grizzly Laminate Trim Router, either the metal or hi-impact plastic body. The price certainly is attractive but would like to hear from anyone who has used one, or any other recommendations.
  15. kenikas

    Concert pineapple?

    I have been looking in to getting a concert sized pineapple for quite a while, but the only ones I'd been able to find are fairly expensive ( Mele, Koaloha, etc) and being the frugal ( OK...Cheap!!) kind of guy I am, I've recently seen the Oscar Schmidt OU2P advertised and it says it's concert...
  16. kenikas

    Song Still Remains...WOW!!

    I got my copy of the "Song Still Remains" a week or so ago and can't stop listening to it, I'm amazed at the talent here. Whenever I listen to it I wan't to pick up one of my ukes, but when I do I just get frustrated and a bit depressed with my playing abilities, but it is still very inspiring...
  17. kenikas

    Redwood for a top

    I have noticed several Redwood and "sinker" Redwood tops for sale lately and was wondering how it is to work with, and what kind of sound it has. I'm thinking of using it on my next soprano and would like to hear from you who have used it. Is there a real difference in the sinker wood?
  18. kenikas

    Hide glue questions

    I want to get some hide glue for repairs on some vintage ukes, and would like to try a build with it, but since I haven't used it I have no idea how much to buy. I've found it for sale by the pound, 1/2 pound and 1/4 pound but don't know how far it will go or how long it will last. I have read...
  19. kenikas

    New uke day...and I'm bummed! But Mim is the greatest!!

    My newest addition arrived Friday and I'm really bummed! I guess I'd better explain, last Wednesday I ordered my latest object of desire, a beautiful Lanikai O-8E from our own Mim after e mailing and pm'ing for a week or so. Mim had said it would probably take 5 or 6 days to get to me, so you...
  20. kenikas

    Acoustic vs Electric

    I've found a killer deal on a Lanikai uke that I've been lusting after, well almost anyway. The problem I have is it has the electrics, and don't know that I'll ever use them. My question is, do the electrics have any effect on the sound when played acoustically? I played electric guitars for...