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    Hello all

    Great story and so glad you are on track and enjoying!
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    Recommendations for reputable online stores and brands for a newbie please!

    I too have had great experience with ukelikethepros. They are knowledgeable and can help guide your choice based on what you want to play and your budget and they give 100% satisfaction so if you don’t like it they take it back for full refund.
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    Hello all

    Welcome Draleg! No belgium connection but would like hear the why and how of your switch!
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    New Tenor Uke

    I am in the USA so I don’t know return policies there but the reputable stores here are very good about returns. They understand one needs to try out a ukulele especially if you are in the desert so to speak with no good shops around. So check out return policies and see if that can help for...
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    Old is new.

    Hi Charlie and welcome I like the soft tension Uke Logic strings. Also worth browns seem to have softer tension. So that can help if you wish to stay with the longer scale which, as many have pointed out, would increase tension over the shorter scale length. I have personally continued to...
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    First Instrument?

    My first instrument was a guitar. Played folk and eventually some classical music. Played a bunch of other instruments too over time including banjo. But never really wanted to give up on the guitar. Came to ukulele last year when I was given a Malala baritone by my sons because I had stopped...
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    New to the group, uke is taking over my life

    Great to have you in UU!
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    New Member

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    Islander MS-4

    Will be great to hear back from you after you get it!
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    Covid Booster

    Sorry to hear about the reaction. I had a mild reaction to second Moderna shot but got Pfizer booster and had no reaction other than a little soreness in the arm from the shot. Overall glad I got the vaccinations and wishing everyone well
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    Season 508 - The French Connection

    a simple original lyrics: you ask me “why?” I tell you “because I love you. That’s all.”
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    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    I really like the Shima for what I need. I use it primarily for classical fingerpicking and needed the longer and wider fingerboard while still retaining that “chime” sound of the soprano body. It sounds clear up and down the fingerboard and the nylon strings give it a more harp-like sound...
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    Islander MS-4

    I would add that indeed I don’t really live close to any good stores so have gotten used to trying ukes by shipping them to the House and returning if I don’t find it to my liking and the shops are good about it. But I would only do this through reputable shops
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    Islander MS-4

    Hi Bill. I would say given the price and ease to buy and usually generous return policies of the reputable ukulele shops, you should give it a try. I have not played an Islander soprano but I have owned a tenor and it was fine. I guess what is most important is what do you want to play on it...
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    Good Uke options for playing classical fingerpicking

    Yes exactly. thanks Graham for the really good points. One end of the fretboard concerns left hand fingering while the other end concerns right hand playing. So far in my trials of different ukes, I have struggled with the left hand fingering because of the narrow fingerboard width and my...
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    Good Uke options for playing classical fingerpicking

    Thanks. I am interested in the ST Concert size but was hoping for 37 or 38mm nut width. I presume they also sound good with High G?
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    Good Uke options for playing classical fingerpicking

    Thanks I will give the Uke Logic strings a shot. Perhaps I wasnt clear in that by saying a wanted another Uke, I meant add a Uke not replace the Shima as I like the harp sound for Celtic tunes but want the different sound as well.
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    Good Uke options for playing classical fingerpicking

    I am mostly fingerpicking for classical and Celtic music. Really like Sam Muir and Wilfried Welti materials. I currently use a Shima long neck and wide soprano because I want the extra width of the neck and the concert scale gives more playing options compared to the 12 frets of soprano. But I...
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    WTB: Romero Spalted Mango Tiny Tenor

    Got a message from Ukelikethepros that factory is back open but there are price increases for all Romero Creations products effective immediately.
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    Georgia on my Mind - Duets for One

    Thanks really enjoyed it and reminds me how much more I have to go to get thru the piece