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    Uke over Guitar

    I have 5 Steel-String Guitars, 3 Tenor Ukes, an Electric Bass, a Tenor Banjo, and a Mandola - I greatly enjoy playing them all!
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    NUD Disappointment

    Sorry to hear this - clearly unacceptable. I'm sure that it didn't leave the KoAloha factory that way. I bought a KTM-25 FS (Factory Special) from HMS (they do great setups) about a year ago, and it took me a few minutes of meticulous visual inspection to find the so called blemish, which is...
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    Small to big

    Just sayin':
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    She plays it in F - nice voicings. Here's a basic chord chart in C:
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    Attaching the strap at the headstock

    From StewMac's Website (go there for textual comparison):
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    Preferred Capo

    I don't use a capo often, but I still have one in each instrument case (except for my bass, and of course, the chromatic harmonica and pan flute). For guitars, I've used Shubbs for years. But for ukes (and plectrum banjo), I like the D'Addario NS Capo Pro - light, compact, and effective.
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    NUD: Koaloha KTM-25 Silver Series

    I got a KTM-25 Factory Special from HMS back in November. They do go fast once listed on the website. It's a wonderful instrument. According to the stamp on the internal heel block, it was made in August. The cosmetic blemish is really hard to identify. The only difference between mine and a...
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    Battery Box for Multi Uke

    I decided to make sure the screws holding the battery box on the back of my Multi Uke were seated securely. Oops! I over-tightened one, and the corner of the box frame cracked. It's still held on by 3 screws, so it's not that big of a problem. But I found out that you can order a replacement...
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    NUAD* Godin MultiUke - A Hard Case that Fits!

    Hmm ...! Well we'll see I guess. Amazon has free returns. But if it does fit, I'll keep it. The Godin is the one I gig with, so it needs the most protection, But I have two other tenors each with their own hard shell cases. If I ever travel with one of them, I'll pair it with the Crossrock...
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    White Christmas chord

    Here's how I do it: Oops - that last C7 can be a 13th as well (fingering 3 - 0 - 0 - 0; there's no 5th in the voicing, but you don't need it to define the harmony and, hey - we've only got 4 strings to work with!)